Real Life Enchanted Roses Just like "Beauty and the Beast" ...


Real Life Enchanted Roses Just like "Beauty and the Beast" ...
Real Life Enchanted Roses Just like "Beauty and the Beast" ...

I'm sure if you've seen the new version or the original Disney Beauty and the Beast, the image and idea of the Enchanted Rose has stayed with you. We all love to receive roses but sadly, they fade and die so quickly. So how magical would it be to receive a real enchanted rose that will live forever? Well, not quite forever, but for at least 3 years.

Forever Rose has created a range of roses that can live for as long as 3 years without sunlight or water and if kept under a glass dome, they'll last for 20 years.

You can visit their website for the full range of stunning enchanted roses but in the meantime, here are some of their creations for you to wow over.

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