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25 Heartwarming Quotes That Will Perfectly Sum up You and Your BFF ...

By Sheila

Your best friend has been around for the best of times, and the worst of times. She's been your shoulder to cry on, your partner in crime, the keeper of your secrets, your rock and frankly, you don't know what you'd do without her in your life. Here are 25 quotes that will perfectly encapsulate your relationship with your best friend!

1 It's What Best Friends do


2 You May Be Broken, but....

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3 For Long Distance Bffs

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4 Now That Would Be Fun!

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5 Remember Those Special Nights?


6 So True!

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7 A Best Friend is Someone Who You Can Be Your True Self with


8 True Friends Love You No Matter What

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9 Talk about Telepathic Communication!


10 LOL!

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11 Fate is a Wonderful Thing Sometimes

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12 A Best Friend is around when It Matters Most

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13 Word!


14 Couldn't Have Said It Better Myself

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15 Best Friends = Best Stories


16 Talk about Unconditional Love

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17 Suddenly Your Problems Don't Seem That Terrible

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18 A True Friend is...


19 Best Friends Make Everything Better

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20 They Make Life an Adventure

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21 Everything is Fun when You're with Your BFF


22 Peace at Last...

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23 It's Wine Time!

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24 "Oh He's Fine!" "Tell Me about It!"

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25 This One is Beautiful!

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