9 Friendship Quotes ...


9 Friendship Quotes ...
9 Friendship Quotes ...

Poets, philosophers, writers, politicians, public figures – they lived in different times, did very different things, lived totally different lives and yet… they all have at least one thing in common – the need to discuss, understand and experience a social and emotional phenomenon known as “friendship”. This proves that no matter how popular, famous, smart and talented we are, we all basically share the same need – the need to connect with others and form emotional bonds. To befriend, to love, to share- friendship has been defined in so many ways and yet neither one of those definitions was precise, complete or final. Maybe one of you will be the one to finally give a proper one? You never know. But do read these wonderful, thought-provoking friendship quotes first, because they may help you.

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"the Only Reward of Virtue is Virtue; the Only Way to Have a Friend is to Be One." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Exactly! Friendship is a two-way street and you can’t expect to just take and take without giving anything in return. Some so-called friends really need to be reminded of this every day. What I don’t understand is this: when we buy pets, we know they won’t love us if we don’t love them as well and, yet, we expect friends to act differently. Why is that so?


“Anybody Can Sympathize with the Sufferings of a Friend, but It Requires a Very Fine Nature to Sympathize with a Friend's Success." - Oscar Wilde

Oh, don’t even get me started on this one! How many times have I cried on one particular friend’s shoulder thinking she’s actually sad! But no! My tears have made her feel good about herself! Once my bad period was over and things started going good, she distanced herself from me and found another sad victim to play supportive friends.


"a Friend to All is a Friend to None." – Aristotle

You’d have to have many faces in order to be friends with everybody and that, my ladies, presumes a lot of faking. You can’t be you and be the most popular person in the world all in the same time because that means you’d have to smile when you don’t feel like smiling, say things you don’t really mean and do things you don’t want to be doing. I mean, come on, that’s almost as time-consuming as a full-time job, not to mention very mentally exhausting! Just be you!


"in the End, We Will Remember Not the Words of Our Enemies, but the Silence of Our Friends." – Martin Luther King Jr

Now, this is one of those friendship quotes we could spend days discussing and still not agree on its true meaning! My interpretation is a bit gloomy and it has a lot to do with the fact that pain caused by our enemies is nothing compared to that feeling of being totally betrayed by a friend. Although I do think there is a positive way to look at this too so do tell me what you think about this quote.


“Lots of People Want to Ride with You in the Limo, but What You Want is Someone Who Will Take the Bus with You when the Limo Breaks down.” – Oprah

There are at least two types of fake friends – the one that will drop the whole friendship act simply because they are jealous and the ones that feel the need to play friends only if there is something in it for them. Very few people will actually stay with you because of you and those, my ladies, are the ones that you should cherish, as they will not only take a bus with you but offer you a piggyback ride in case the bus breaks down too!


“It's the Ones You Can Call up at 4:00 a.m. That Really Matter.”- Marlene Dietrich

Look around yourself and tell me can you name at least one person you can call in the middle of the night, say something like, “meet me there, in 20 minutes” and be 100% sure he/she will be there no questions asked? If you can, you are indeed a very lucky individual! I have two and that’s all I could ever want.


“Don't Walk behind Me; I May Not Lead. Don't Walk in Front of Me; I May Not Follow. Just Walk beside Me and Be My Friend.” – Albert Camus

This one is, without any doubt, one of my favorite friendship quotes – a recipe for a perfect friendship, that’s how I see it. Some people like to lead, others prefer to be faithful followers and me… I prefer equality. What about you?


“I Don't Need a Friend Who Changes when I Change and Who Nods when I Nod; My Shadow Does That Much Better.” – Plutarch

Friends should be comfortable and close enough to say things like, “You paid money for that?!” or, “Yes, that skirt does make your legs look short” or “That’s not a good idea.” They should be honest and say those things only if they are meant to be helpful and not hurtful. Unfortunately, many people today value friendships that are based on, “Yes, honey, that’s wonderful!” So, hope you have a real friend that’s willing to help you face the facts, no matter how bad they are.


“Grief Can Take Care of Itself, but to Get the Full Value of Joy You Must Have Somebody to Divide It with.” – Mark Twain

Awww! Sharing a personal success story with a BFF is one of the best feelings on this world! That tingly feeling, victorious screams and giggles, knowing that somebody is truly happy for you… it doesn’t get any better than that!

But, listen to me going on and on about these friendship quotes, like I’m the only person able to think and type! Now, I would be one terrible, totally self centered virtual friend if I didn’t let you say something about friendship and your fav quotes, too! Do you like any of these?

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Love your personal quotes Jelena! My favorite is #3 simply because I am one of the less popular women at work, and I am ok with it, and I like to do the right thing as be the best that I can be, and I do not like to play favorites. And.....I like #9 because I am inspired by people that succeed because they worked hard for what they earned. Some of these quotes brought tears to me.

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