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7 Differences between Male and Female Friendships ...

By Vladlena

Although friendships in general form for the same reasons of support and companionship, we are able to discern certain differences between male and female friendships. While one is more casual, the other is more intimate and personal. As part of the female population, I have always admired how laid-back male friendships are; they always appear like they have less drama and more fun. However, let’s face it girls, the shared emotional connection we have is much stronger than the males! Let’s take a look at 7 of distinct differences between male and female friendships.

1 Emotional Attachment

As mentioned before, one of the top differences between male and female friendships is that females have a stronger emotional attachment to each other. We tend to reveal more things, share secrets and really get on a personal level, while guys tend to avoid those heart-to-heart talks and instead bond on a significantly decreased magnitude. However, I am sure there are moments when guys let their feminine sides shine and spend hours ranting to each other.

2 Arguments

Have you noticed that when guys get into an argument, they’ll fight about it for a while, maybe throw a few punches and after that it is as if nothing ever happened?! As a matter of fact, it is as if their friendship was never better. However, when girls argue, all hell breaks loose. We can prolong a fight for as long as weeks and keep grudges for months!

3 Partnership

When it comes to men, they prefer a side-to-side communication while women tend to gravitate toward face-to-face contact. When men look for a close friend, they search for someone who can accompany them throughout certain activities like participation in sports or watching games. However, women long for someone who can understand their feelings and bond with them emotionally. This difference is heavily influenced by gender differences that society has established for us!

4 Dependency

While girls are often attached to each other at the hip, guys exercise a stronger sense of independence. Most of the time they don’t mind not seeing each other for a long period of time or hanging out in different group of friends. However, women like constant contact and company, which is probably why we even go to the bathroom together!

5 Insults and Humor

When it comes to men and their idea of fun, they like to insult each other and test each other’s dominance. From youth young boys tackle each other and enjoy in playful violence while girls tend to be more reserved. We are more sensitive toward each other’s feelings, therefore our idea of entertainment doesn’t involve insulting and fighting. It’s actually quite the opposite!

6 Intimacy

If you take a closer look at your environment, you will probably notice that guys tend to hang out in packs. Their mentality revolves around the theme of "the more, the merrier." On the other hand, girls like to keep their inner intimate circle small. Although this doesn’t apply to all female friendships, most feel like they can have a stronger bond instead of spreading themselves too thin.

7 Flaws

Male and female friendships tend to also differ in their flaws. For example, male friendships are largely affected by their competitiveness. They go head to head and challenge each other even when it comes to superficial things, while women tend to be a lot more judgmental toward people.

Although these differences may not apply to all friendships, this gives a general idea of how each type of friendship differs from one another. While some characteristics of male and female friendships overlap, there are dozens of differences that stand out. What are some other differences in gender friendships that come to your mind?

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