7 Practical Skills Every Woman Should Learn ...


In life, there are basic skills every woman should learn. How to clean, cook, and raise children are among these skills, but it does not stop there. Women have evolved over the past few decades and men should have something to be afraid of. So ladies, prepare to be unstoppable and read these skills every woman should learn.

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How to Change a Tire/oil

One of the first basic skills every woman should learn is how to change a tire, and how to change the oil in a car. First of all, if you are stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire, and your phone is dead so you can’t call for help, you would be better off changing your tire yourself rather than waiting for some creepy guy in a pickup truck to pull over and help you. You want to learn how to change your own oil because when you take it to a shop, they overcharge you. They think that since you are a woman you don’t know how to change the oil, so they make it seem like a huge job when it actually takes ten minutes. Save money. Do it yourself.


How to Say No

Learn how to say no both in a polite way, and in a firm way. If you are turning down a date then you need to learn how to say no politely so you don’t come off as stuck up or rude. However, if someone is trying to force you to do something you don’t want to do, you have to learn to stand up for yourself and say no!


How to Invest and Budget Your Money

If you learn how to budget and invest your own money, you will feel financially free. There’s nothing better than being debt free. If you know how to invest, you will just be producing more money for yourself for whatever you want! If you know how to do all of this yourself, you won’t have to pay someone to do it for you, which will save you even more money!


Learning to budget begins with understanding your income and expenses. Start by tracking your monthly earnings and spendings to identify where you can cut costs. Create a budget that prioritizes savings, and stick to it diligently. As for investing, start with a small amount in a low-risk option. Educate yourself on stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, and consider talking to a financial advisor if you're unsure. Remember, the goal is to build wealth over time—patience and consistency are key. Don't get discouraged by temporary market dips. Stay informed, and your investment savvy will grow along with your savings.


How to Cook 3 Dishes Very Well

This is something that I have to personally work on. My boyfriend is Italian and makes fun of me because I can’t even cook pasta without burning it. If you know how to cook at least 3 dishes, you can always make something to bring to parties, and you always know how to cook dinner so you don’t have to order takeout every day of the week.


How to Not Be Taken Advantage of

Many women need to learn how to negotiate with people. I know that when repair men used to come to my house to fix things they would always make the problem bigger than it really is, and they would always try and bill me way more than they needed to. You should always act like you know what you’re talking about so people don’t take advantage of you simply because you are a woman.


How to Fix a Computer

If you hate computers, and you can’t bear sitting down for hours and fixing them, you should at least know enough to know what is wrong with your computer so once again, someone doesn’t over exaggerate and charge you way more than they should. Also, having computer skills will put you in high demand in the job market!


How to Find Your Way Somewhere for the First Time

Every woman should know how to drive to an unfamiliar place in the dark in the middle of a thunderstorm. Know how to find your way if you ever get lost. It’s never fun being lost, and it is also a huge inconvenience and waste of time. Learn how to read a map, just in case your GPS breaks, and there is nobody around to ask for directions.

Women are powerful, beautiful creatures. We have a longer attention span than men, and in today’s world we end up going to college more than men do. Learning these skills will help you become more independent, and will make you more confident in yourself. Come on ladies! You can do it!

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I love this! It's so true!

Very well written and informative article! Thanks for the tips!

The beginning says raise children when a lot of us don't want kids or can't.

number 4 is crucial thing but fun

There are things that women can do and men can't. Men can do also but mostly they are not patient in doing work. One example in my case is cleaning the electric fan.

Soo true

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