7 Phrases You Can Use to Earn Trust ...


7 Phrases You Can Use to Earn Trust ...
7 Phrases You Can Use to Earn Trust ...

There are a lot of phrases to earn trust that you can use, especially if you work in business. Stephen Covey once said that "Trust is the highest form of human motivation. It brings out the very best in people." and he couldn’t be more right. Words that are not backed by actions are pretty much meaningless. You can use the right words but try to keep in mind that language is no replacement for being a trustworthy person. Trust is the basis for a healthy and productive relationship and as a professional, it’s essential to earn the trust of the people you work with. Here are 7 phrases to earn trust that you can use, especially while you are at work:

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“Thank You”

This is definitely one of the most important phrases to earn trust that you should use in your everyday life and not only while you’re at work. These two simple words will show that you appreciate and value the other person. Remember: gratitude or just a simple “thank you” creates goodwill and it also promotes trust. Just keep in mind that people are much happier doing a favor than taking an order.


“like You, I Care about This Topic Because…”

Always be transparent and keep in mind that camaraderie builds trust. If you speak in front of an audience or if you are talking to your boss or to your employees, make sure that your listeners know that you are interested in that particular topic and that you even have a personal connection to it. For example, if it’s appropriate, you could even share a short and personal story about you that would illustrate your relationship to that topic.


“I Trust Your Judgment”

What better way to earn someone’s trust than by telling them the same thing you would like them to think of you. Just tell them that you believe in them and that you know that they can achieve any goal. It feels pretty uplifting to hear this and I’m sure most people would do anything to please someone who makes them feel this way.


“Tell Me More”

This simple phrase means “I’m all ears.” and it’s basically the ultimate conversation starter. This way, you signal to the other person that you are open and even a bit intrigued and who can resist this flattery? Acknowledge the other person’s expertise and respect their opinion. Make sure that you are genuinely interested in the conversation and ask questions to find out more details.


“Scientific Research Indicates…”

Whenever you use this phrase, make sure that you include concrete and quantitative studies or surveys to support your opinion. You should also mention the name of the authors of that study and also the year it took place. If you want to instill confidence, then make sure that you present facts, numbers or data to support your message.


“You and I Share a Common Goal.”

This phrase could easily be replaced with “We share a common challenge.”. Just keep in mind that a team is basically a group of people who come together to achieve a common objective and when you communicate to someone that you are on the same side as them, they will be more willing to trust you. This attitude fosters teamwork and trust and it reduces hostility and competition.


“I Understand”

Empathy is the best way to earn someone’s trust, since it’s the ability to understand and sometimes, even share the feelings of another individual. By telling someone that you understand them and their actions, you convey a sense of acceptance and compassion and you create a deep emotional connection with that other person.

Just remember that active listening and genuine empathy are the keys to establishing trust in a relationship. Be nice to the people around you and show interest in what they are saying. Do you know any other phrases you could use to earn trust? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!


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Beautiful! Trust is everything, even to forming and creating more love. This really helps a lot to hear this. Thank you for sharing

I like it ...!! (Y)

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