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17 Photos That Prove That Oil Spills Are the Worst ...

By Jennifer

We all know the economic devastation an oil spill can bring, and we know it's bad for the environment, too, but until you see photos like these, it's kind of abstract. How bad can it really be? Let's have a look - and demand better safety and prevention measures, so these terrible tragedies don't happen again.

1 These Oil-slick Sea Otters

These Oil-slick Sea Otters

2 These Poor Penguins

These Poor Penguins

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3 This Pelican

This Pelican

4 This Crab

This Crab

5 This Aerial View

This Aerial View

7 This Turtle

This Turtle

8 This Little Fella

This Little Fella

9 This Terrible Toxic Mess

This Terrible Toxic Mess

11 This Cleanup Effort

12 This Mess

This Mess

13 This is Just Gross

14 This is Just Awful

15 This Sludge-y Cleanup

This Sludge-y Cleanup

17 This Little Crab

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