75 Cute Ways to Boost Your Mood Instantly ...

By Jennifer

There are cute pets, and then there are the pets so adorable, they make us squeal with delight and immediately launch a search to find one of our very own. Here's a list I've pulled together of dozens of cute pets, of my own someday menagerie... get ready to swoon!

1 Pig in the Snow

Pig in the Snow Via Snow Piggies
Of all the cute pets on the Internet, this sweet little piggie is the one I want most. Look at that sweet little snout! I just want to knit him a little scarf and keep him cozy all winter long!

2 Tabby Kitty

Tabby Kitty Via Tilda by Atreja on DeviantArt
This darling little tabby is playing hide and seek, and she found my heart!

3 Corgi Puppy

Corgi Puppy Via Cute Pet: Corgi Puppy...probably the ...
All puppies are cute, but Corgis seem to be the cutest of them all. Wanna play fetch?

4 Begging

Begging Via .
Is he begging for kitty treats, or was he caught in the middle of playing with a toy? Either way, so cute!

5 St. Patrick

St. Patrick Via BuzzFeed
Who knew St. Patrick was a beagle mix? He's adorable!

6 Carrot?

Carrot? Via A Little Carrot for a ...
This sweet little bunny loves his carrots! Look at those fluffy little ears!

7 American Staffordshire Terrier

American Staffordshire Terrier Via ladyy-luck
He looks so sad,you just want to give him belly rubs and ear scratches.

8 Golden Hamster

Golden Hamster Via Golden Hamster
What a darling little puff-ball of fur! He looks so soft!

9 Cute Baby Tortoise

Cute Baby Tortoise Via Free Online Picture Resizer - ...
He's so tiny, and looks so fragile, I'd be afraid to break him!

10 Adorable!

Adorable! Via Freekibble's September Slide Show
I don't know what breed of dog this is, but I want one, today!

11 Markings

Markings Via robrayo.com
Isn't it adorable when kitties and puppies have unique markings on their sweet little faces?

12 English Bulldog Puppy

English Bulldog Puppy Via WorldofBulldog
Look at all those wrinkles! Aww!

13 Micro Pig

Micro Pig Via Which miniature animals make good ...
So much cuteness in one tiny package!

14 Poke-Cat

Poke-Cat Via Funny Videos, Funny Clips & ...
Little kitty, I choose you! I wonder what his power is... charm?

15 Puffball

Puffball Via Neville_ball2
It figures, doesn't it? You spend a lot of money on a toy, and they only want the little puffy at the end.

16 Nose

Nose Via moodsofthemoon.tumblr.com
Look at that sweet little nose, and those floppy ears, and those bright eyes!

17 Boston Terrier Pup

Boston Terrier Pup Via Happy Valentine's Day! ♥
Happy Valentine's Day, cute little Boston Terrier! I love you!

18 Close up

Close up Via IMG_7422
This kitty is so close, you can see his soft little whiskers.

19 Puppy Love

Puppy Love Via Monday Morning Blues
This puppy is so darling, he almost can't be photographed. Squee!

20 Little Love

Little Love Via prettycurlsandpearls.tumblr.com
I'd take this sweet little furball on a walk, too, wouldn't you?

21 Ears

Ears Via Post Your German Shepherds! -- ...
Don't you love it when one of a dog's ears lays down, and the other perks up?

22 High Five

High Five Via Why Do I Exist
Why yes, wee Mister Pug, I'd love a high five!

23 Peek-a-Boo!

Peek-a-Boo! Via Emergency Kittens on Twitter
Let's play peek-a-boo with this adorable little kitty! Yes!

24 Guinea Pig Kisses

Guinea Pig Kisses Via Guinea Pig Kisses
Aww, how sweet - Guinea pig love! Smooch!

25 Sugar Glider

Sugar Glider Via No Lassies here!
I've never seen one of these in person before, but apparently, they're very social and love their humans. And I really, really want one now!

26 Cute Pet Rat

Cute Pet Rat Via DeviantArt: More Like A perfect ...
I've never really given pet rats their due - look how cute this one is!

27 Patriotic Pup

Patriotic Pup Via findgoddaily.com
Look at this puffy little patriot! How cute would she be in a little pet parade?

28 Rats!

Rats! Via Untitled
And why not? Here's another pet rat photo. He looks like he's smiling!

29 Dog

Dog Via Items similar to Dog Collar ...
This bully breed mix is clearly a girl (notice the flower!) and is proof that you don't have to be a puppy to be a cute pet.

30 Black Cat

Black Cat Via lockerz.com
Who says black cats are bad luck? I'll bet this sweet little kitten would bring good luck if he crossed your path!

31 Love

Love Via Love..
Two pet rats are better than one... and look, their tails form a little heart!

32 Sleepy

Sleepy Via Indigo Crossing
I used to have a cat that would sleep with his paws over his face, too.

33 Corgi Bow Tie

Corgi Bow Tie Via Community Post: 19 Adorable Pets ...
The only thing cuter than a smiling Corgi pup is a smiling Corgi pup with a fancy bow tie.

34 Chubby Cat

Chubby Cat Via Lissi_4
I'm not saying this is a fat cat, but he could probably stand to skip a kitty treat or two.

35 Nautical Dog

Nautical Dog Via Cute little thing in a ...
This pup is such cuteness perfection, I'm not entirely sure she's real, not a plushie.

36 Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise Via Five Really Cute Small White ...
This doggie looks like she's made of soft little cotton puffs!

37 Kitten

Kitten Via Cheezburger.com - All your funny ...
If this sleeping kitten doesn't trigger your "aww" reflex, nothing will! Look at that tiny tongue and those soft little paws!

38 Laughing Cat

Laughing Cat Via Etsy :: Your place to ...
I wonder what's so funny?

39 Big Bunny Smile

Big Bunny Smile Via rabbit smile
Once in a while, I come across a pet close-up I can't resist sharing, like this bunny smile.

40 Old English Bulldog

Old English Bulldog Via Santa Roxi
Merry Wrinkly Christmas to you, too, sir!

41 Specs

Specs Via stylist.co.uk
I think he's wearing these for fashion, not because he needs them to see. *wink*

42 Sleepy Kitty

Sleepy Kitty Via Little Kitty Sleeping - Kitten ...
Even if that was your homework or laptop she was cat-napping on, you couldn't be mad.

43 Doggie!

Doggie! Via Cute Pets ^^
This is a little doggie selfie, perfect for updating her profile pic.

44 Dual Napping

Dual Napping Via 7 Pet-Friendly Style Photos
These two furry friends nap in sync, too. Love them!

45 Roo!

Roo! Via Just a kangaroo wearing pajamas
I'm not advocating kangaroos as pets (I've heard they can be dangerous), but this 'roo in pajamas is too cute!

46 More Whiskers

More Whiskers Via Indigo Crossing
This kitten-cuteness photo reminds me of when my daughter used to call them "whispers."

47 Eye See You!

Eye See You! Via dual&doble
At first I wasn't sure what this was, but I think it's a little black kitty!

48 Choco Lab

Choco Lab Via Daisy puppy
Daisy is the prettiest chocolate lab I've ever seen!

49 Blue Eyes

Blue Eyes Via Items similar to Smoky Mountains ...
Don't you love a white kitty with ice blue eyes? They're so pretty!

50 Hamster in a Costume

Hamster in a Costume Via Hamster costume. Superman cape. Custom ...
This hamster is the perfect size to wear Barbie clothes and tiny home-made super-hero costumes.

51 Paws!

Paws! Via Cat Paws
Another close-up photo, of kitty's soft little paws.

52 Sweater!

Sweater! Via Hand Knit Dog Sweater
If I could knit, I'd make a cozy little sweater for every puppy I came across.

53 Lauren Conrad's Fitz

Lauren Conrad's Fitz Via Helping Hand: Adopt a Pet
This is Fitz, Lauren Conrad's darling little rescue dog. Remember, rescue not retail!

54 At the Beach

At the Beach Via DSC04763 Sandy Nose: Boef's first ...
Doggies love to dig, so take them to the beach and let them dig there - maybe they'll find buried pirate treasure!

55 Snooze

Snooze Via iolandapujol.tumblr.com
The world's cutest sleeping kitty, right here.

56 Dachshund

Dachshund Via Live like there's no midnight. ...
Look at those stubby little legs, that tiny tail, those soulful little eyes! I love him!

57 Sweet Treats

Sweet Treats Via Resultados de la Búsqueda de ...
Who knew a kitty could have a sweet tooth, too?

58 Bunny Kisses!

Bunny Kisses! Via nexeida.tumblr.com
Cutest bunny kisses ever! Look at them!

59 Knit Hat

Knit Hat Via stylist.co.uk
A Chihauhau in a knit cap and collar. Because cuteness. Why not?

60 Cute Pet Pig

Cute Pet Pig Via Little Pig
I couldn't resist another photo of a pet pig. I love his wee little snout!

61 Fences

Fences Via Why I love Boxers
He just wants a nose scratch - and that hole in the fence is probably the perfect size to play fetch with a tennis ball, too!

62 Cat-ness

Cat-ness Via Cat on a wire fence
This is Cat-ness, hopping the fence around her district.

63 Bow Tie

Bow Tie Via Reversible Pet Bow Ties
This little guy in the red bow tie is just so handsome! He looks very well-behaved.

64 Artwork

Artwork Via Every Pet Deserves a Crown ...
I'd love to turn my favorite pet pic into a print like this, to hang on he wall.

65 Sailor Pup

Sailor Pup Via 19 Cute Dogs That Make ...
Oh my goodness, so cute! I love this little sailor outfit!

66 Beauty

Beauty Via remythebrute.tumblr.com
Is this another Corgi? I can't tell from the photo, but wow, is he ever adorable!

67 Bowl

Bowl Via Cute Cat , Jasper in ...
With kitties, the rule is, "If I fits, I sits."

68 Cute Pet Costume

Cute Pet Costume Via diyideas4home.com
Look, it's Bat-Cat, my favorite hero! Or wait, are those tiny fangs? Is that Dracula-Kitty?

69 Nose

Nose Via Sweet
Okay, one more close-up and that's it, I promise - look at this sweet kitty nose and whiskers!

70 Oh!

Oh! Via I'm crying, this little guy ...
This tiny kitten looks like he's only a few weeks old, and he's already so cute!

71 Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day Via Valentines Day - LOVE bug ...
A pug in a heart headband - wouldn't this be cute on a Valentine's Day card?

72 Puffy

Puffy Via robrayo.com
This is the fluffiest, puffiest pup I've ever seen!

73 Bubbles!

Bubbles! Via earthandanimals.tumblr.com
Talk about perfect timing! This shot is cute AND incredible!

74 Hee Hee!

Hee Hee! Via fantasticviewpoint.com
This kitty's heart is probably full of revenge.

75 Chipmunk

Chipmunk Via I\'m naming him Theodore. - ...
And finally, let's wrap up with a tiny baby chipmunk. So very cute!

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