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8 Times when You Need a Break ...

By Ebangha

There are so many times when you need a break. Give yourself one! Do not keep working to the brink of a breakdown. That will be no good for anyone especially not you. Take a moment, look through these suggested times when you need a break, and decide for yourself.

Table of contents:

  1. Right now
  2. After a breakup
  3. Final exams
  4. Graduation
  5. Long strenuous work
  6. Before you say something rude
  7. Stressful moments
  8. When you just cannot go on

1 Right Now

Chances are, this is one of the times when you need a break. You were probably looking for a good reason when you clicked on this article, and here is your chance. You should take a moment to recollect yourself before you continue with whatever task you have to complete.

2 After a Breakup

No matter how long the relationship, every breakup is important. Even if you think you are fine, take a day or a couple of hours to regroup before making decisions and such. Our emotions have a funny way of skewing our perceptions of reality, so it is important to consider this at the time of a breakup.

3 Final Exams

As my junior year in college nears, I have come to many conclusions. One of those important conclusions being that during finals or any other exams period like midterms, it is crucial to take breaks. Your brain can only function for so long before you stop retaining the information you just learned. A little break every thirty to sixty minutes could actually improve your retention rate.

4 Graduation

Whether you have just earned your high school diploma or your second masters, each time you graduate, you should take a break. By break, I mean that you should take a bit of time to reorganize your life around new priorities. Make sure that you are implementing your new skills and connections in the best way possible.

5 Long Strenuous Work

Maybe you had a big deadline looming that caused you great stress. Perhaps, you had a few weeks of a completely chaotic schedule. It does not matter what type of strain you had in your life, you need a break! It is important to acknowledge that sometimes you cannot do it all. It is ok to be human for a bit. I mean, we all are (hopefully). Take time to collect yourself and be ready for the push forward into greatness.

6 Before You Say Something Rude

You know those people that make you want to snap; the ones that really try your patience? I know that, at times, they seem to be the most unavoidable bunch of people. Do not let them get the best of you! You are better than that. If you cannot leave the event, walk away from the conversation. If you are in a meeting, try to shift the topic or ask for a mini recess. Keep your cool throughout the situation no matter how hard they try to shake your nerves.

7 Stressful Moments

Anything that causes you stress should always be examined closely. Even if you live to be 102 years, your life will still be too short to be anything but happy. Reevaluate all points of stress in your life. If you to do not need to be in a situation, try to get out of it. That goes for debt, relationships with verbal or physical abuse, etc. I know it is not easy to move away from these kinds of things, but the longer you stay, the longer you lose yourself. Take a break. Think of a plan. Implement it. Do not be afraid to ask for help.

8 When You Just Cannot Go on

I know this sounds dramatic, but we have all had moments like this. You the feeling when you are just going on with you daily routine, and you hit a point where you just do not know what to do. It may seem like you just do not have any options what so ever, but you do. You can take a break. Everything is going to be fine, and you are going to be amazing. Just breathe.

Yes, this advice sounds a bit cliché, but it has worked for me. Hopefully, it will work for you also. What are some times that you have needed a break?

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