Phases Every Girl Goes through Throughout College ...


Going to college is an exciting adventure, and at the same time a daunting prospect . You don't know quite what to expect - will you enjoy it? Will you make friends? But most girls go through the same phases at college; this is what you're likely to experience …

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Thinking Everyone else is Having a Much More Exciting Time

This is really common in your first term. It seems like everyone else is making loads of friends and already has a great social life, while you feel like you're the only one stuck at home or standing in the corner. But you're not. Chances are most people feel exactly the same. A great social life and amazing friends won't just happen, so get out there and start meeting people.


Feeling like You Don't Fit in

Some colleges have a very particular character, and you may not feel that you fit in. This is just like my previous point; many other people will be feeling that they don't belong. Give it time; you'll gradually start to feel more comfortable as you become more familiar with the campus and your course, and make new friends.


Wondering if You Picked the Right Course/College

Most people will wonder at some point if they've chosen the right course and college. Should you have gone where your friends are? Would you be better off changing courses? If you're having doubts, talk to your tutors or a counsellor, who can help you clarify your thoughts and feelings.


Independence - It's Exciting, but Also Scary

Sure, you're an adult - but this is the first time in your life you've been truly independent. Nobody's doing your laundry or nagging you to get to class. You have to shop and cook for yourself. This new independence is exciting, but it's also quite scary to be responsible for yourself!


Thinking You Can't Handle the Workload

You'll also most likely feel overwhelmed at some point by the workload and feel like it's too much. But part of the purpose of college is to teach you time management, which you'll need when you start your career. Learn to plan your timetable and organise your studies, so that you won't have any last-minute panics over work that's due in any time now.


Skipping Classes Because You've Something Better to do

… or you're hungover/overslept/can't be bothered. Yes, you'll probably get away with skipping the odd class or lecture. But remember that you're paying for this! Take your studies seriously and don't be lazy. Having a social life is important, but if you miss too many classes you risk failing or getting poorer grades.


Wondering What to do Next

Your time at college will go faster than you think, and it will seem like no time at all before you're on the point of graduation. What should you do next? Where should you go? Ideally you should start considering these questions well before the end of college, and start your job search early.

Whatever problems or feelings you experience at college, you can be sure that plenty of people have felt the same. So don't fret that you're alone, because you're not. Talk to people, and you'll find they understand exactly what you feel! What do you think are the best points about going to college?

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