7 Parts of Your Life to Keep Private and off Social Media ...


There are many parts of your life to keep private, especially in the social media age. It’s important to think before you post, because you never really know who’s watching what you do. Be smart, follow these simple tips to make sure which parts of your life to keep private and off social media, and you’ll have a social media presence you’re proud of in no time!

1. Fights

Keep your fights off of social media. It’s so important to know which parts of your life to keep private, and fighting is undoubtedly the most important one. Don’t get me wrong, everyone loves to grab the popcorn and enjoy reading a good fight in the comments of a Facebook selfie, but do you really want to be on the other end of that? It only makes you look immature and ridiculous. Stay away from social media fighting. You’ll thank yourself later.

Lewd or Crude Behavior