7 Old-School Video Games That Will Inspire Your Inner Gamer-Girl ...

Old school video games have been much on my mind lately, because in the moving process, Heather and I found an old SNES, along with games, controllers, and every necessary cord and wire. We required my dad to get it to work on our TV, but he's a wizard so he did, and since then we've been enjoying lots of awesome Nintendo favorites. This made me yearn for my old PS2, as well, and thus this list of old school video games was born. Your mileage may vary, so speak up about your old favorites too!

1. Mario Kart

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I have to apologize in advance, a lot of my favorite old school video games played on the SNES or PlayStation, because those were the systems I remember playing the most. Of them all, Mario Kart for SNES is my favorite. It's my obsession. I remember spending rainy weekends in the back of beyond trying to beat every level, first place, on as many characters as possible. I still loathe using Bowser and Donkey Kong, and still have an affinity for Princess Peach even though I curse her ruthlessly in other games.

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