13 of the Finest Tips for Surviving Summer in India ...


Summer in most parts of India can be quite unforgiving and harsh. Sure, the mountain states in northern India are pleasant but the rest of the country is usually dealing with temperatures ranging from 36 to 45 (and above) degrees Celsius. These are 13 of the finest tips I could think of that could help you survive the summer months in India.

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Drink Lots of Water

Obvious huh? Not really. You’ll be surprised by how we often forget to drink water during the course of the day. And during the summer months, it’s very important to stay hydrated to balance out all the perspiration as well as keep your skin looking healthy and happy!


Avoid Too Much Caffeine

Caffeine dehydrates. And in the summer, you need to keep yourself as hydrated as you can. Sure, a cold glass of coffee feels good on a hot day, just make sure you’re not ODing on the caffeine. And if you are, make sure you drink enough water too.


Load up on Fresh Coconut Water

Chilled coconut water is one of the yummiest and most refreshing drinks you can have on a hot summer day. Full of important nutrients, coconut water has loads of health benefits too. So the next time you’re trying to beat the heat, get yourself some cool and delicious coconut water.


Have Lots of Lemonade

Another good way to deal with the intense summers in India is to keep a large pitcher of lemonade ready at all times. The lemon, salt and sugar that go into this refreshing drink help in keeping you hydrated and all your salts balanced. Also lemonade is yummeh!


Avoid Staying out in the Sun

If you can manage it, avoid staying out in the sun too long, especially around noon when the sun tends to be at its harshest. If you do have to be out in the sun, try and keep your head covered with a headscarf or cap. It helps, really.


Use a Good SPF Lotion

A good sunblock can be a lifesaver. Always have one in your bag and don’t hesitate to slather it on whenever you’re leaving the house and apply a fresh coat after a few hours if you’re going to continue being in the sun.


Carry an Umbrella

Umbrellas are not only for when it’s raining. They’re very useful when the sun is beating down on you and you begin to appreciate the joy that lies within a patch of shade!


Avoid Extreme Temperature Shifts

I know too many people who fall sick because they move between the extreme heat outside and frigid air conditioning indoors. Try and get a balance of temperatures so that your body stays relaxed.


Wear Loose & Comfortable Clothes

While fashion has it’s place, it’s often not the most practical when trying to survive the summer months in India. Try and dress for comfort and in loose clothes that will help you feel cool and happy.


Wear Cotton Clothes

Cotton is definitely the best fabric to wear in India during the summer season. It lets your skin breath and helps you stay cool even when exposed to high temperatures.


Avoid Fried Foods

You might not want to eat a lot because of the heat, but when you do, try and avoid fried foods that’ll just make you feel sick and bloated!


Eat Lots of Fruits

Summer is when you get the yummiest watermelons, muskmelons, lychees etc. Load up on all this yummy fruit and stay healthy, happy and oh so cool!


Escape to Cool Climes

And when all else fails, take a trip to cooler climes and give yourself a break!

Indian summers can be difficult to deal with if you’re not prepared. But if you keep these simple and fine tips in mind (none of them are extraordinary or even complicated), you should have no trouble with surviving the summer months.

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This is pretty much how yo survive in a hot place youre visting

It's 42 degree C in the southern part of India, where I live. Everyday I the news, they show more and more people dying from the heat wave! These tips will be helpful :)

Huh overreacted a but there


Survivor of 3 summers spent in India and loved every but of the heat and humidity . Lol want to go back this summer soo bad!! :(

I try doing most of these on a daily basis but as you mentioned it's hard to follow all of it so judiciously. Especially in cities like Mumbai, humidity adds up and makes life worse.

This may sound odd, but when I was in India I used to shower with my clothes on, then air dry. It was so hot, but I stayed nice and cool in my salwar kameez for several hours.

I liked reading an article that was meant for a different place in the world. I'd like to know about beauty and tips like this from other countries especially Japan.

Just out of curiosity you like the number 13 a lot huh?? Love your articles!! Ll

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