7 Obvious Signs You Are a Critical Thinker ...


If you’re usually analyzing things from a wide variety of perspectives, if you’re often willing to change your mind when you discover you are wrong and if you usually over-analyze things that require a simple solution,these are a few obvious signs you are a critical thinker. Critical thinking is actually one of the skills most people need nowadays to be successful. It allows you to see things from different perspectives, find multiple solutions to one problem and solve it much quicker. By thinking in a more critical manner, you’ll increase your cognitive flexibility, thus you’ll be more successful in business and in life. William Hughes once said that “If we are not prepared to think for ourselves, and to make the effort to learn how to do this well, we will always be in danger of becoming slaves to the ideas and values of others due to our own ignorance.” and he couldn’t be more right! Here are a few very obvious signs you are a critical thinker that you should consider if you doubt you might have this skill:

1. You Have Rational Conversations with People You Disagree with

One of the most obvious signs you are a critical thinker is the fact that you can have rational conversations with people you disagree with and that’s why, you don’t get angry when people have different views. You’re not afraid of a healthy debate and you can really appreciate a good argument. You don’t let your emotions influence your judgment and you are not ashamed to admit when you are wrong.

You Get Your News from Multiple Sources
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