Only Make These Angry Decisions if You Want to Wreck Your Life ...


Only Make These Angry Decisions if You Want to Wreck Your Life ...
Only Make These Angry Decisions if You Want to Wreck Your Life ...

We've all said and done things that we later regretted. Anger can lead us to make decisions that we should only make with a cool head, but it can be too late to go back once you calm down. These are some of the decisions you should never make when you're angry …

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Ending a Relationship

clothing, hair, blond, little black dress, hairstyle, When you're really mad at your partner, you may be tempted to yell 'It's over!' at them. But ending a relationship is not something that should be done on the spur of the moment because you're angry. If you then decide that you were too hasty, and you want to continue the relationship, you may find that your (ex) partner has taken you at your word and agrees that it's over …


Confronting Someone

person, profession, Did, you, know, Anger can make you want to confront the person who's made you angry. But it's rarely a good idea to confront someone when you're furious. You won't be able to argue your point well, and may also seem unreasonable. It's better to wait until you're calmer before you speak to them - and in some cases may be best to say nothing at all.


Quitting Your Job

person, nose, finger, singing, Have you ever felt like yelling at your boss 'I quit!'? Never hand in your notice when you're angry. You should always try to remedy the situation. If you have a grievance, explain it calmly. Even if you do decide to leave, it's far better to leave on a positive note.


Posting about It on Social Media

clothing, pattern, costume, outerwear, After, Social media has been the downfall of many irate people, who've lived to regret what they posted in anger. The trouble is that even if you later delete your comments, people may well already have seen it and the damage will have been done. Don't use social media as a way of getting people on your side if you have a grievance with someone.


Getting Your Own Back

person, blond, image, woman, profession, You're so mad that you just want to get your own back! But stop and think before you act. Getting your own back is rarely as effective as you think, and can actually cause you more problems. The best way to get even is to refuse to let the person and their actions bother you, so move on and forget what they did.


Cutting Someone out of Your Life

person, hair, hairstyle, wish, you'd, Some people are so toxic that you're better off without them in your life. But don't make this decision when you're angry. It may be better to maintain some contact with them if they're family. Don't decide to sever contact when you're angry, as it can be hard to rebuild bridges if you later feel that you made a mistake in cutting ties.


Driving Away

person, emotion, mobile device, SEMFETERNAL, Days, Finally, don't decide to jump in your car and drive away when you're angry. If you're going to drive, you need to be calm and in control of both yourself and the vehicle. Being mad at someone or something means that you're not going to be focused on your driving.

Many decisions are best made when you've had time to think. You should consider all the factors involved and make your decisions calmly. Acting rashly could make the situation worse and lead to choices that you'll regret when you've calmed down. What's the biggest mistake you've made when you were mad at someone?

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So true👌🏻👍Thx!!

It is true because some decision you may regret after you calm down

I have done all these.. Some i regret, some i don't....

Great advice

Oh and anther thing I totally agree with not posting stuff on social media when angry. It could all end in tears.not good!

Well it depends on the person. I left a job when I was so so angry. Best thing I ever did yippee

Lol great advice

Thanks for the insight

Oops...I've done the driving off thing when I've been angry and/or upset. Usually in such situations I felt like I had no other option as I had been told to "go away" or "get out" which is not a positive experience. Still doing over 100km/hr is not good either and I'm lucky I and no one else was killed.

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