Your Choices Can Cause You to Live a Lie ...


There are some reasons you might be living a lie that I would like to share. How many of you have ever thought, am I really being true to myself? If you have some doubts about whether you're living a lie, here are some things to consider.

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Wrong Job

If you're in the wrong job then chances are you're living a lie. Being in the wrong job can be soul destroying as deep down, you know you're not living up to your true potential. Spending your days doing something you don't enjoy or that you know is not your true calling can make you feel miserable. Maybe it's time to think about whether you should be in this job or whether you can take steps to do what you truly want to do. It takes courage and sometimes a leap of faith but it can be worth it in the end.


Wrong Partner

If you're with the wrong partner then you're certainly living a lie. Sometimes it isn't immediately obvious that you're with the wrong partner. The cracks can occur years down the line. Some people stay with a person because they're afraid of hurting them or they're afraid of being alone. These can lead to heartache in the end. If you have doubts then listen to your heart as it may be a sign you're living a lie.


Wrong Life Path

If you're following the wrong life path then this is another reason you're living a lie. Perhaps you're following a path that has been set out for you by parents or other influential people in your life. Remember, this is your life to live, not anyone else's.


Old Views

Sometimes, the things we tell ourselves can have a profound effect on our life path. It may be that you're hanging onto old views that you once had but that you know are not quite you any more. Maybe these views are not necessarily yours but are ones which have been imposed upon you by those around you. If deep down you know that these views are not really yours, you may be living a lie.


Wrong Environment

Maybe you're in the wrong environment and your soul is just screaming to be in a different place. If you have grown up in a small town, it may be that you no longer enjoy being in an environment where everybody knows your name. Maybe you crave the bright lights of the big city instead? It could be time to try out a new environment.


You've Outgrown Your Social Circle

Perhaps you're hanging out with the wrong people or people who you have outgrown. It may be time to shake up your social circle and think about being with people who share your world views.


You Have a past

Perhaps you have done something in the past and the weight of the guilt is just too heavy to carry for much longer. It may be time to share your secret with that person who you feel needs to know. Carrying the burden can sometimes be too much to bear and we don't realize how heavy our excess baggage is until we unburden ourselves.

These are just some of the reasons you may be living a lie. How about you? Do you feel as though you're currently living a lie?

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Wow. Weird. I was just telling myself to snap out of it. #4 is my issue. This spoke to me. Thank u.

I love this post. I'm dealing with a few of these that I'm trying to change.

Thank you for this :)

No. 7 is totally true: letting go of past mistakes and forgiving yourself is truly liberating.

My world was full of guilt n pain for over fifty years of my life. It eventually made me physically I'll. I have always believed in Jesus but wasn't walking w Him and putting Him first in my life. I have gone through a wonderful beautiful transformation over the last year and have never felt better as a person, felt so much love and comfort until now. He is the first one I talk to in the morning, praising him for my new life and speak to him throughout my day. I am grateful when I wake up regardless of all my illnesses, and thankful when I lay my head down at night. It is truly a precious life I have now.


Living in a large city because my parents want me to not really my decision. I would rather live in a community with friendly people, where it is possible to actually get a job reasonably well. I plan on moving out in spring to one of these places in a different province. Then in the fall of 2015 I plan to go back to school, but in that city, which will lead to a job.

A lot to think about...

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