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If You Don't Talk to Yourself You Should Start ...

By Crystal

I never thought about legitimate reasons to talk to yourself. It's always been a bad habit of mine, but I've recently discovered it's not that bad at all. While I try not to let my inner voice talk out loud, it's a powerful companion that changes the way I go through the day. If you've ever made fun of people who talk to themselves, consider these surprising reasons to talk to yourself and you might just become one of those people.

1 Change Your Mood

One of the most beneficial reasons to talk to yourself is to change your mood. Remember the saying that you're your own worst critic? It's true. That little voice in your head can bring you down or boost you up. Take control of that voice and use it to say positive things to yourself. The more often you change the tone of your inner voice, the more positive and confident you'll become.

2 Work through Difficult Decisions

No matter how much we talk to others, hard choices are usually ours to make alone. Find out how you really feel about a decision by talking to yourself. I often do this out loud when I'm alone. Debate with yourself over the pros and cons. Listen not only to your inner voice, but your instincts. With a little self discussion, you'll easily discover the right choice.


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3 Beat Stress

Feeling stressed out and no one's making you feel better? Talk to yourself about it. Discuss why you're stressed and what it would take to make the situation easier. Often times you find you have more control than you thought. Plus, hearing it out loud or in your mind gives you a way to let it all out. After all, who's going to agree with you more than yourself?

4 Work through Hard Conversations

Do you need to deliver bad news to someone or want to break up with someone? Those aren't conversations you want to improvise. Stand in front of a mirror and practice how you'll say what you need to say. Try to anticipate what the other person might say and practice your responses. After a little rehearsal, you'll be better prepared to say even the most difficult news without hesitation.

5 Manage Anger

Sometimes you really just want to yell, but you hold it all in to avoid saying something you'll regret. When you're alone, go ahead and yell and scream all you want. Say whatever comes to mind. Think of it as anger management. You get to let all of your anger out without hurting anyone. I've found adding a punching bag to the conversation helps even more.

6 Congratulate Yourself

Others might not realize how important small accomplishments are to you. Give yourself the congratulations you deserve. A few kind words saying how proud you are of yourself go a long way. It perks you up for the next task. I know it makes me feel great to give myself a short “congrats” or “great job” after accomplishing a difficult task.

7 Sort through Your Thoughts

Sometimes when we're stressed, our minds become a jumble of thoughts. We feel confused and even get headaches. Take some time to talk to yourself and calm your thoughts. It might take a few tries to get through the giant tangle of random thoughts, but it's worth it. You'll feel better and have more control over what goes through your mind. You might even better understand why you're so stressed.

8 Say Things You Keep inside

We all have thoughts we do our best to keep tucked away. Whether it's an opinion about someone or a dream we think others will laugh at, we keep the thought under lock and key. The more you hide it away, the more it weighs on you. Instead, say it out loud to yourself. It's freeing to say the things you feel you're not supposed to. Whether it's to yourself or a pet, it doesn't matter.

9 Remember Things

When you say something out loud, you're more likely to remember it. I always take a moment to say what I need to buy at the store before I go shopping, or I tell myself where I put my keys last. I've found it helps me easily remember things I usually forget otherwise. People might think you're crazy, but you'll prove them wrong when you remember something and they don't.

Talking to yourself is fun and it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. It's your inner voice and you should listen to it sometimes. Have fun, feel better and talk to yourself. Do you ever talk to yourself?

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