7 Things You Must do before Turning 25 ...


Life is full of milestones, and though some may argue that your mid-twenties are nothing to write home about, there are definite things to do before turning 25. Your twenties are a huge time of growth, change and becoming who you are. Read on for 7 things to do before turning 25.

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Make a Big Purchase

One of the things to do before turning 25 is make a big purchase. Whether it be a car, a nice piece of jewelry, part of college or a trip, making a big purchase will help set your feelings on finances for the rest of your life. Before you're 25, a big purchase can feel like a lot more, and you'll have to learn how to save for it, live without the money and then maybe, pay off the purchase. Get those finances started well!


Fall in Love

Whether it be with someone or something, before turning 25, you have to have fallen in love with a passion, a field of study or someone you really care about. When you fall in love you learn a lot about yourself: you find your limits, lengths you're willing to go to, and your passions. Don't be afraid to fall in love: loving to surf or loving a guy you met in lit. class won't put you on stall. Listen to your inner voice and recognize when you love, love, love something... like writing, reading or exploring antique shops. Find your passion and don't let it go as long as you're still getting something out of it.


Live on Your Own (if You Can!)

If you're able, living on your own is a great experience. You'll learn so much about yourself by coming home to a quiet house, learning to find things you like to do on your own, discovering that those dirty dishes left in the sink really are from you, and more. You'll learn to rely solely on yourself, and really get a strong sense of yourself from months or years of living alone.


Dance like Nobody is Watching

Do whatever makes you happy. Dance and smile and laugh as you feel! As long as you aren't harming anyone, learn to be okay with your tendencies, habits and personality. You are who you are, and by 25, you shouldn't only have done, but should be doing, exactly what is YOU.


Sing like Nobody is Listening

Sing it out and sing it out loud! Say what you want to say, say what will get you that promotion, say what you need to say. Speak your mind, be kind and be truthful. Nobody ever got anywhere by not being truthful and kind. Laugh at your own jokes, trust your thoughts and speak them.


Try out Your Style

Test your style limits. It's important to realize that your style can easily change throughout your life, but before turning 25, you should have tried out your style and know a bit about what works for you, what makes you happy and what makes you feel your best!


Build Habits

Build important annual habits, like going to the doctor, checking your credit score and reviewing your finances. By setting up your life at a young age, you'll ensure that it never gets out of hand or in a serious rut.

So there you have it! 25 things you gotta' do before turning 25. Have you done these, or will you?

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I've done 2,3,6 and 7 and I'm only 21

I'm 25 I haven't done any of these

Ahh done a few of these & only 17.. Going to italy and greece in the spring and I paid for it all.. :)

You're never too old to do any of these!

But there's only 7, where's the rest?

Great article!

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