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If you want to simplify your life, boost your physical and emotional health and save some money, then just read on and find out more about those effective habits you should pick up from your grandmother. There are a lot of useful things you can learn from the generation that hasn’t been bombarded with consumerism, that hasn’t lived surrounded by chemicals and all the technology that exist now days. That generation, also known as the “grandma era” is famous for its common sense, for its clean and healthy lifestyle and for its wealth of practical solutions. Here are 7 habits you should pick up from your grandmother since they are too valuable to be lost:

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Don’t Eat Fake Things

Don’t Eat Fake Things If you want to stay healthy, try not to eat anything that your grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food. If you can, nurture your own garden. The size really doesn’t matter; it’s important to nurture something and raise it until it can be harvested to eat. This way, you’ll have something natural to consume and you’ll also enjoy the numerous benefits of this therapeutic hobby.


Go for a Walk

Go for a Walk Walking is one of the most efficient exercises that will help you stay in shape and boost your mood too. Just leave your car at home for at least one day per week and walk to do your errands. You can also take a walk in the evening after dinner or even in the morning after breakfast. There are a lot of benefits walking can bring you, so if you have the chance to do it more often, just go for it.


Write Letters

Write Letters This is such a nice habit that you should pick up from your grandmother. Try to write a letter once in a while and send it to one of your friends who lives far away. You’ll also make your friend very happy since they will be glad to receive something in their mailbox that isn’t a catalogue or a bill.


Use Natural Remedies

Use Natural Remedies There are a lot of natural remedies that you can use for minor problems, so try them before going to the pharmacy to buy something that it’s made of synthetic chemicals. For example, there are a lot of studies that show that “honey is more effective in treating a cough than cough syrup”.


Take Care of Your Clothes

Take Care of Your Clothes Take care of your clothes and don’t toss them away at the first sign of wear or tear. Try to mend them or turn them into something else. If you treat them with care, your clothes will last longer and you’ll enjoy them more. Paul Dillinger, the head of global product innovation at Levi’s advises us “to treat our clothes like flowers” and you must admit that he really does have a good point.


Clean Your Home with Things You Can Eat

Clean Your Home with Things You Can Eat From time to time you could replace the chemicals you use to clean your home with more natural products. They will offer you the same amazing results and they will be less toxic. For example, you could use baking soda or vinegar to clean your kitchen. These products are safe, they are cheaper and they do an amazing job too.


Cook from Scratch

Cook from Scratch Even if you don’t have so much free time and you often come home from work extremely tired, try to give cooking a shot. There are a lot of quick recipes that you can make, it can be very relaxing and pleasurable and it’s healthier too, since you can actually control the ingredients that you will use.

There are a lot of habits that you should borrow or even steal from your grandma if you want to learn how to live a healthier and cleaner lifestyle and if you want to improve your well-being. Do you know any other habits that you should pick up from your grandmother? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!


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Miss both my family matriarchs, R.I.P.

Love this article! Beautiful photos of beautiful women too! :)

Treasure your grandma, I benefitted from my grandmas good old common sense approach to life. I listened and learned - her knowledge was astonishing! I miss her every single day x

My grandma was my favorite person in the whole world .. She was the kindest soul I'd ever known .. Unfortunately we lost her when I was just a kid I was only twelve years old but she wasn't just my grandma but my mom also ., long story hope I can be half the woman she was !!

My grandma was and still is my favorite person ever, I named my daughter after her. By the way great pictures!

My grandma don't know any of these things but they're good

Love the photos! So inspirational! My grandma is 87, living on her own and still going strong. I also know a kickass grandma who does martial arts at 75. Great role models!

I love these pics, beautiful.

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