9 Most Popular Singers of Today ...


9 Most Popular Singers of Today ...
9 Most Popular Singers of Today ...

Most Popular Singers of 2012 aren’t hard to point out are they? Last year, these most popular singers were topping the charts and in 2012, they are blowing us away with their new songs! I swear, every most popular singer on this list has a special place in my heart and in my head!

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Taylor Swift

What can you say about Taylor? She’s beautiful, her voice is amazing and she is definitely one of the chart toppers that I love listening to! She’s got a song for every single mood and I swear, her lyrics get stuck in my head! Taylor Swift is absolutely one of the most popular singers of 2011 and continues to be in 2012!



Usher is actually one of those singers that I used to listen to in the 90’s. Now, he’s back and he’s better than ever! His newest songs are some of the best and he looks awesome! Definitely one of the best singers of today!


Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is absolutely the 'it' girl of 2012. She has rapped with so many different artists and her songs are all incredible! Nicki Minaj is one of the few female artists that I absolutely love and she's definitely one of the most popular singers of 2012!



This Cuban singer is totally one of my favorites! I love the lyrics, the catchy tunes and the fact that I can hear Pitbull all the time on the radio! Ladies – isn't he hot too? Totally a keeper!



Kes$ha is one of the few pop singers that really knows how to bring it and really knows how to party and share it! I swear, the last time I was with my dad, both of us were jammin' out to Kesha and loving it! She is absolutely one of the most popular singers of 2012 and I don't think she's goin' anywhere!


Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars is one of those artists that is constantly popping up. He's done songs with so many different singers (my favorite was Eminem – of course!) and I love his voice. His voice is one of those mysteries – like how can someone have a voice that great? The lyrics, his tone – it all works and makes him awesome!



Honestly ladies, what can you say about Rihanna? The lady has been through hell and back and she's still rockin' it out! Her songs with Eminem were breathtaking and I just love, love, love listening to all of her music!


Justin Bieber

Even if Beibs isn't my cup of tea, he is one of the most popular singers of 2011 and 2012. He's one of the few singers out there that actually has a pretty unique story – and even has a concert movie! If you're looking for the ultimate pop king, he's it!


Lady Gaga

What most popular singers list would be complete without adding Lady Gaga onto the list? She's by far one of the most popular singers out there and with good reason! Her songs are so inventive, her style is off the charts and she's incredible herself. I personally love her!

There you have it! My top 9 most popular singers of today! Not only are these some of the biggest chart toppers, but their songs are so incredible! So ladies, what are some of the most popular singers that are on your list? Share!

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None of them are real singers. At least in my eyes....

i dont agree with the lady gaga one. her songs arent getting famous. only her wild costumes keeps her famous

Lady Gaga is freakin amazing, but Taylor Swift needs to leave and never come back. Her songs are all about boys, she's an adult but she still acts sixteen, and she solely relies on her poodle hair to make her stand out.

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