7 Methods to Effectively Binge-Proof Your Home ...


7 Methods to Effectively Binge-Proof Your Home ...
7 Methods to Effectively Binge-Proof Your Home ...

If you’re struggling with overeating and cheating, it’s time to binge proof your home. Whenever I binge, I know after I’m done, I am disgusted and disappointed in myself. So I have now made it a point to rid my home of snacks that are no good and have absolutely no nutrition. I separate the healthy snacks I do keep into serving size Ziplocs, and I fill my fridge and cabinets with a variety of colors such as all different color fruits and vegetables. Instead of snacking on chips, I snack on edamame; instead of eating a whole bag of pretzels, I have one serving size counted out already in a Ziploc; instead of sticking to just broccoli, I cut up mixed veggies to keep it colorful and enticing. Binge proof your home and keep healthy!

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Water, Water, and More Water

Sometimes you may feel hungry, but really your body is asking for some water. It can be very easy to mistake feelings of hunger for thirst. Before heading for the food, try a bottle of water. If you’re not the biggest water fan, try adding some lemon, lime, or even a Chrystal Light packet. The packets are available in a variety of flavors so if you’re not sure you like one, there are many others to try. This will keep water more interesting and might be a motivation to try drinking something before eating something. Stocking your home with water is a way to binge proof your home!


Purchase Smaller Plates

Larger plates can lead to binge eating. Our bodies are programmed to feel satisfied after we eat what’s on our plate. If we use smaller plates, we would technically feel as satisfied as if we used the larger plates. I certainly feel satisfied whether I use a smaller or larger plate and I certainly don’t need the extra calories so I’ve started using smaller plates. I have definitely noticed a difference and I am sure you will too! You’ll not only notice the different in satisfaction, but you will notice a difference in your clothing too.


Rid the Cabinets

If your kitchen is filled with bags of chips and boxes of cookies, you’ll most likely eat them than if you actually had to go to the store to buy them. Avoid the impulse to snack on the bags of chips and boxes of cookies by getting rid of them and replacing them with healthy alternatives. The healthy alternatives could be kale chips, raw almonds (or nuts of your choice), or dark chocolate. Even when throwing out the junk food, keep treats around so that you do not deny yourself of anything that you would go overboard with in the future.


Put Food Away

Leaving food out on the counter, the table, or on top of the fridge is a recipe for disaster. This may be making you “hungrier.” Seeing and smelling food can initiate a hunger response even if you’re not hungry. This can lead to unnecessary snacking. Keep food closed away in your kitchen cabinets and refrigerator. If you’re ordering in for the night or cooking, take one serving and put the rest away. It’s more likely than not that if you leave the food out, you’ll take another serving. Remember, it will be there tomorrow!


Find Some Fun

It’s so common to eat when we’re bored. I am a victim and tend to eat when I am bored so I have found ways to keep myself out of the kitchen and occupied. It may be time to buy some fun items and games to keep at home. Whether it be board games, crafting supplies, musical instruments, exercise equipment, a Wii, whatever will keep you moving and occupied and not in the kitchen is a good choice. If this doesn’t seem up your alley, find something that is! I love to plug in my iPod into speakers and dance around my house and to walk my block with a friend. Who has time to be bored anyway?


Move Away from the Kitchen

When I open a carton of ice cream in front of the freezer or a bag of popcorn in the kitchen, it is almost impossible to stop. To stop this craziness, I take a plastic cup and put a scoop or two of ice cream or a handful of popcorn into the cup and immediately leave the kitchen whether it be into another room or outside. This way I am controlling the portions. Doing something like this will help to control your portion and therefore it will be harder to binge.


Use Ziplocs and Tupperware

Normally I would suggest when buying snack foods to just buy a singe-serving package, but that might be unrealistic when going food shopping for the week. When buying a jumbo bag of a snack, right when you get home, read the label and decipher the serving size. If its 10 pretzels, put 10 pretzels into a Ziploc so that when you’re packing lunch or running out the door, you have an easy snack that isn’t astronomical. This also comes in handy when you’re relaxing on the couch. Do not bring the whole bag to the couch; bring the already sized Ziploc. If you buy veggies or fruits, cut up the vegetables and fruits up and place them into Tupperware so that they are readily accessible as a quick, healthy snack.

By binge-proofing your home you’re not only stopping yourself from overeating and cheating yourself, but you’re maintaining and learning healthy habits. You’re not depriving yourself; you’re just altering your current routine. By adding a little activity into your day, using smaller plates, and keeping out of the kitchen, you’re able to keep yourself from the danger zone. Everyone has different means to stop themselves from binging, what is one way that you binge-proof your home?

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Love the tip about zip locks, I feel like this would encourage me to take better snacks to work with me. Great post

We got rid of all sweets and bread and never buy that. We only have smth like that when dining out. I find it difficult not to have a toast and make a salad instead, so absence of easy choices is a great incentive to eat healthy stuff! It's been a few years now and I do not miss those foods a tiny bit. On the contrary, I think it sets a good example for our growing children, who do not see us eat sweets, hence, they do not beg for sugar and have their healthy meals instead. My older one will be 2 this month and he only had a cookie (from a good bakery), 2 or 3 times and he could not care less. I think this post makes excellent points!

This sounds borderline eating disordered. If you're not able to keep chips or cookies in your house in fear of eating them all in one sitting, you have disordered eating. This post is absurd to me.

I am a chocoholic anyone have any ideas on what type of dark chocolate tastes better & not so bitter?

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