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Massive Changes Every Woman Goes through in Her 20s ...

By Alison

Your twenties can bring some major changes to your life. You are developing as a person and growing up. Some of these changes are welcome, while others are quite scary (being responsible for yourself can be daunting!). They're all part of becoming an adult and maturing. These are some of the changes you will go through …

1 Independence

In your twenties, you're becoming independent. You may leave home for good after college. You have to learn to manage your finances and balance your budget. The days of getting up at midday are gone, as you will probably have to be at work by 8 or 9. You have to sort out your problems instead of turning to your parents to get you out of a mess.

2 Beginning Your Career

Most people start their career in their twenties after finishing college. You have to make some important decisions about the kind of work you hope to do, and begin the process of applying for jobs. Then once you've found a job, you have to work hard and impress your bosses. We may go through many changes during our career, but the early years can often be very important.


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3 Friends

You may find that your friendships change during your twenties, especially if your values or those of your friends change. Some may become dedicated to their career, some think about starting a family, and others want to carry on a party lifestyle. You may find that you no longer have much in common with friends that you've had since your teens or that you met at college.

4 Becoming Responsible

Some people are responsible from a very young age. But for many of us, it's during our twenties that the realities of being an adult hit home. We have to learn to be responsible for ourselves, and make decisions that will have consequences for our future. It's quite a scary process, but a necessary one.

5 Growing Confidence

One really good change that occurs during this part of your life is that your confidence grows. You're more sure of yourself (and that gets even better as you get older). You're learning how to deal with life and its problems, and as you navigate those difficulties you see how you can cope.

6 Learning What Matters

You also learn more about yourself and what really matters to you. You become less inclined to put up with being treated badly by a partner, and come to understand what you want from a relationship. You also learn what you want from life, and begin to discard the things that don't matter. And your priorities may change.

7 Changing Tolerance

As you head towards the end of your 20s, you realise that you can't party like you used to. There's no going to work after a late night clubbing - you need your sleep! Nor can you drink as much as you used to, or get away with eating too much junk food. Your body lets you know that it wants better treatment - and that's no bad thing.

It's not all bad, so don't be afraid of change. And never be afraid of getting older - it's not at all awful, whatever you think. There's so much to look forward to! What do you think about turning 30?

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