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18 Magical Sensations of Autumn ...

By Damito

Autumn is a magical time of year and one that I personally love. It’s is very hard to just narrow a list down to a few but here are the most magical sensations of Autumn that makes this the most enchanted season of all.

1 Listening to Leaves Scratching across the Pavement as the Wind Blows Them to Their New Destination

2 Watching the World Transform from a Vibrant Green to Brilliant Shades of Fall


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3 Sitting on the Porch and Watching the Leaves Fall

4 Watching the Leaves Fall during the Early Morning Sun and Realizing They Look like Fairies Waking Sleepily and Descending to the Ground

5 That Bright Golden Glow during Dawn

6 That Orange Glow during Sunset

7 The Smell and Sound as Wood Burns in Fireplaces and Bonfires

8 Hearing the Leaves Rustle when the Wind Blows

9 The Happiness You Feel when You Jump into a Big Pile of Leaves

10 Driving through the Neighborhood and Smiling Back at All the Jack-o-lanterns on the Porches

11 The Cozy Feel That Burning Candles and Decorative Pumpkins Bring to the House

12 How You Feel when You Wrap a Scarf around Your Neck for the First Time during Fall

13 The Way You Feel when You Wrap Your Hands around Your First Mug of Hot Apple Cider. Not to Mention the Way It Smells and Tastes

14 The Moment You Realize You Can Order Your First Pumpkin Spice Latte

15 A Warm Bowl of Creamy Butternut Squash Soup

16 The Way a Fresh Pack of Number Two Pencils Smell when You Open Them. This is the Smell of New Beginnings

17 Walking through the Park on a Carpet of Beautiful Leaves

18 Sitting inside on a Rainy Day Wrapped in Your Favorite Blanket, with Your Favorite Warm Beverage, Just Watching the Raindrops Splatter on the Window

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