7 Life Hacks You Must Know if Youre Lazy ...

By Teresa

7 Life Hacks You Must Know if Youre Lazy ...

Whether or not you consider yourself a lazy person, everyone loves a good life hack. Whether you’re looking to score a good deal or simply want a few extra minutes in your warm and comfortable bed, these life hacks will help save the day. No matter what your angle is, if you’re looking for a few shortcuts in life, you are sure to find them on this list. Even if you love life hacks, I’m almost positive that you haven’t seen the life hacks on this list!

Table of contents:

  1. get the best deal on flights
  2. find the wifi password
  3. tums will save the day
  4. make a solution to clear ice from your car
  5. salt in the pan
  6. use paper clips on tape
  7. prevent freezer burn

1 Get the Best Deal on Flights

If you want the best deal on flights, look on Tuesdays at 3 PM, six weeks before your flight. It may seem pretty arbitrary, but sales and deals are compiled on Monday night, so by Tuesday afternoon you’re looking at the best deals.

2 Find the WiFi Password

If you’re addicted to your phone but hate wasting your data plan, those days are over. Simply go on the Foursquare page of the establishment you’re at. Chances are, the WiFi password will be in the reviews and comments of the restaurant or store you’re in, saving your data plan.

3 Tums Will save the Day

Although most people use Tums for stomachaches, they have another, lesser-known use that could save the day if you’re in a lot of pain. If you get back ulcers, cold sores, or canker sores in your mouth, put a whole Tums in your mouth and place it on the sore. Not only will it stop the pain and provide a coating around where it hurts, but it will also help heal your cold sore!

4 Make a Solution to Clear Ice from Your Car

If you’re sick of this winter and the ice scraping that comes along with it like I am, this is the life hack for you. In a spray bottle, combine three parts white vinegar and one part water. Keep it in your cabinet with your other cleaning supplies, and when the weather gets super cold and icy, spray it on your windshield. It will make the ice melt off your windshield. It may be time to say goodbye to your trusty ice scraper!

5 Salt in the Pan

If you love cooking with oil but hate the splattering, try this instead. Simply add some salt to the pan. It will completely stop the pan from splattering while you’re cooking, which means no burns and easier cooking for you!

6 Use Paper Clips on Tape

Tape is basically an essential tool in life, but trying to peel it off, especially when you’re in a hurry, can be frustrating. Avoid those extra minutes (yes, minutes, because sometimes it’s just one of those days) and put a paper clip on the roll of tape each time you cut pieces off.

7 Prevent Freezer Burn

If you love your frozen treats more than the average person but can’t figure out how to ward off freezer burn, I have the answer. Put your tub of ice cream or favorite popsicles in a plastic bag, seal it well, and then throw it in the freezer. You will never have to throw out and waste your favorite ice cream again!

Will you use any of these life hacks? What are your favorite life hacks? Lazy people everywhere (me included) thank you in advance!

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