Lesbian 👩‍❤️‍👩 Stereotypes 😒 in the Community ...

There are so many lesbian stereotypes. Many people like to categorize lesbians. This is also true in most cases for any demographic. Even members of the LGBT community do this. There’s nothing wrong with doing so, it’s another way to identify yourself. Not only are there “types” but there are also theories that come along with it.

Some people believe we were violated as young women, we haven’t found the right man, or we are just plain man-haters. Some have been violated, some aren’t the biggest fans of men, and of course, we haven’t found the right man, we like women HELLO!

Then there’s the topic of sex. Most people believe how we have sex doesn’t count because a penis isn’t involved. That when a strap-on or dildo are used, it means that we are trying to have a penis because that is what is missing. On the contrary, it’s just another way to please our partners. To stimulate the clit and vagina. Sex doesn’t have to include penetration. It can be classified differently for each person. Kissing, touching, licking, penetration can all be considered sex to an individual. However, no matter how you classify it doesn’t mean one is wrong.

There’s also the stigma that there’s only “butch” and “femme”. That each couple must have one or the other. That there must be a “man” in the relationship. These thoughts are not true. Just like any sexual identity, you like who you like. Sometimes you change the gender you like for that one specific person. That’s everyone’s own decision. Remember sexuality is fluid, sometimes it changes. That’s just a fact.

Here’s a list of the most popular “types” of lesbians that both lesbians themselves along with most people use:

• Femme aka Lipstick Lesbian: A lesbian who is very feminine. Think of a girly girl.

• Butch: A lesbian who has more masculine characteristics.

• Chapstick: A lesbian who is in between a butch and femme.

• Baby lesbian: A lesbian who is recently out of the closet.

• Gold star Lesbian: A lesbian who has only been with women.

• Hasbian: A woman who use to identify as a lesbian but now is straight.

• LUG: Lesbian until graduation. I think that’s self-explanatory.

• Pillow Princess: A lesbian who likes to lay back and receive all the pleasure without reciprocating.

• Touch me not: A lesbian who likes to give all the pleasure but not being touched in return.

There are many more “types” but these are the most commonly used. If you want to continue learning about more, just do a search for it. Most are pretty hilarious if I say so myself.

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