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6 Major Types of Feminism That You Should Know ...

By Reem

Wondering about the the major types of feminism? There are many challenges when it comes to being a feminist even with all its bad connotations. One of the core reasons is the overlapping concepts between the types of feminism. However, what they have in common is the characteristic feature of feminism that classifies gender tasks as political instead of natural. Whether you are an advocate or adversary, you need to understand the different types of feminism. Here are the major types of feminism.

1 Liberal Feminism

girl, hand, finger, product, font, This is one of the most common of the major types of feminism. People who call themselves liberal feminists strive for justice and sexual equality through a political and legal reform. That means equality in education, workplace and political issues. It has a deep connection with the individual’s choices and autonomy.

2 Radical Feminism

girl, fun, nightclub, event, interaction, People who are radical feminists want to dash away gender discrimination, which according to them is the only way to achieve equality. Its emphasis is on the patriarchal roots that keep women dominated by men.

3 Socialist Feminism

girl, performance, product, games, audience, Unlike radical feminists, social feminists don’t believe that patriarchy is the only reason for gender inequality but rather they are due to social circumstances in general. Social feminist theory examines the relationship between women’s maltreatment combined with social and economic factors.

4 Lesbian Feminism

human hair color, socialite, girl, photo caption, song, Lesbian feminists strongly believe that the oppression of women is deeply rooted due to heterosexual relationships. They consider same-sex relationship permissible and men just can’t be feminists.

5 Cultural Feminism

hair, blond, human hair color, eyebrow, hairstyle, This type of feminism is the solidarity of sisterhood which highlights the finest qualities and positive characteristics of a woman. Cultural feminists have valued women and have encouraged women to embrace themselves and be a significant part of society.

6 Black Feminism

girl, brown hair, On an important note, black feminism is for all women with different races and is definitely not just a black woman’s issue. This movement revolts against classism, racism and sexism.

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