7 Issues Teens Face Today ...


Even though I’m still in my 20s, the issues teens face now are incredibly different from those that I had to worry about. Bullying is now a 24/7 occurrence, sex is taking place earlier and earlier and the likelihood of coming from a broken home is very high. There are many issues teens face today that adults aren’t even fully aware of.

1. Cyber Bullying

Cyber Bullying

While bullying has been around for ages, the Internet has made bullying easier and more widespread than ever, making it one of the major issues teens face today. It gives people who are normally afraid of confrontation the ability to bully others anonymously and those who would bully anyway a wider selection of β€œweapons” with which to attack. Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks give bullies the ability to enlist the help of others in their bullying schemes and publicize whatever they want to about their victim. A lot of teens are left stressed out, wondering if something they said or something they did will wind up posted on Facebook for all to see.

Cyber Stalking
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