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7 Informative and Entertaining Fun Facts about Sloths ...

By Michelle

My college roommate was obsessed with fun facts about sloths, so it’s only natural that I learned a thing or two along the way. This one-of-a-kind creature lives a very unique lifestyle as it hangs from trees. Sloths are endangered animals so it’s important to learn about them and appreciate these creatures for what they are. Check out these informative and entertaining facts about sloths and make sure to share them with friends!

1 Fat Feet

Fat Feet Sloths store their fat on their feet. Isn’t that a weird fact about sloths? Their diet consists of eating tender shoots, leaves and insects. Sloths continuously eat and due to their limited exercise, the pounds start to add up. Of course, it affects their feet because they need their abdomen to help them move around.

2 Upside down

Upside down Sloths spent the majority of their time upside down. In fact, they can sleep up to 18 hours upside down. They even give birth upside down. I’m not quite sure how gravity plays into that situation but it’s a fun fact about sloths nonetheless. What other animals do you know that give birth upside down?

3 Two-Toed VS Three-Toed

Two-Toed VS Three-Toed There are two different breeds of sloths: two-toed and three-toed. Two-toed sloths generally move quicker than three-toed sloths. You can tell the difference not only in their fingers but also in their bodies. Two-toed sloths do not have a tail like three-toed sloths do. In addition, their snout is more prominent and their fur is typically longer.

4 Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell Okay, this fun fact about sloths may have more to do with Kristen Bell than the species, but it’s still interesting. Actress Kristen Bell, star of “Veronica Mars” and “Frozen,” loves sloths to death. She talked about her obsession during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres that you can see on YouTube. When she finally saw a sloth for the first time, she went into a panic attack that appears in this interview.

5 Bathroom Break

Bathroom Break How often do you think sloths go to the bathroom? If you said once a week, then you are correct. Their metabolism, like their speed, is incredibly slow. And what makes it better is that sloths need to climb down from their tree branch in order to go to the bathroom on the ground. To do that, they need to anticipate when they have to go so that they give ample time to climb down.

6 Camouflage

Camouflage Sloths have claws but that isn’t their best form of defense; camouflage is! They blend into their environment. In fact, you might even say that their environment is a part of them. Scientists have studied the algae and insects that live on a sloth’s back in amazement. It’s kinda gross when you get into the details, but their fur helps them hide from their predators: snakes, eagles and jaguars.

7 Hug a Sloth

Hug a Sloth Sloths are lovable creatures that need to be taken care of. There is an app that I enjoy called “Hug a Sloth.” What’s more, sloth preservations or sanctuaries exist in South and Central America in order to take care of this endangered species. Find out what you can do to support sloths, such as donating to their habitats. You can help keep this creature alive.

Sloths are pretty interesting and definitely unique animals. What are some other fun facts about sloths? What did you find most interesting?

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