7 Interesting Facts You May Not Know about Rabbits ...

If you've been considering getting a pet rabbit for your children, there are some facts about rabbits that you should be aware of. Knowing what rabbits eat, how they sleep, and what makes them happy will make caring for them much easier. Here’s 7 fun and interesting facts about rabbits for you to check out.

1. Lifespan

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When my husband and I decided to get pet rabbits for our children, I didn't ask the person selling them any questions. I honestly thought they would be easy to take care of, but I quickly discovered that taking care of rabbits requires a little more time than I thought. I decided that since they were going to be with us, I had to do some research to find out some facts about rabbits. One of the first things that I discovered is that a rabbit lives for about 10 years. This does vary depending on their breed and habitat.

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