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Do not pass GO, do not collect $200 - without hearing the facts about Monopoly. The Parker Brothers were onto something big when they purchased the rights to Monopoly. This game now monopolizes the board game industry! So, take a chance, grab your iron (or doggie, or shoe), roll the dice, and find out the facts about Monopoly!

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About the Stats

Good facts about Monopoly begin with good stats. Over one billion people across the globe have played Monopoly! This helps explain why over six billion green houses and over two billion red hotels have been built in that time. Imagine how many people have been to jail or played the banker in that time. I wonder how many bankers have dipped into the stash, too!


Take a Chance – Escape Now!

In World War II, Monopoly board games were smuggled into some of Germany's Prisoner of War camps. Since they included escape maps, files, compasses and of course ‘real’ money, you could say this was a slightly different edition from the norm. What an incredibly ingenious idea!


Longest Game

In my experience, Monopoly takes a good four hours when you have four players. Once all the real estate is taken, I am completely over it. Did you know the longest game went for 70 days straight? That is crazy! Imagine dedicating your life to a game of Monopoly for 10 weeks or over two months straight. Ain’t nobody got time for that!


For the Blind

In the late '70s, a Braille edition of Monopoly was made for the visually impaired. The problem is no one can seem to find it. If you're looking for this edition, it's still available, and the easiest way to get your copy is by purchasing it online. Everyone should have a chance to experience Monopoly at least once!


Monopoly the Movie?

Despite the mixed feedback, Ridley Scott is still eager to transform Monopoly into a Hollywood blockbuster. Apparently, the script is currently being developed to incorporate a meaningful storyline into the board game. Let’s just hope they have half a clue and follow the path of ‘Clue’ the movie based on Cluedo. It would be painful to watch it capsize like Battleship - sorry RiRi.


Evolving with Time

One thing I love about Monopoly is how it has adapted to the ever-changing needs of the world. Did you know it's now available on seven platforms in over 27 countries? It's also available in over 20 languages. At the moment, there are roughly ten million worldwide downloads of this beloved board game!



Whether it's a boot, iron, dog or battleship, you have got to have a favorite token. In the early ‘50s the lantern, rocking horse and purse were replaced with the dog, wheelbarrow and horseman! My personal favorite is the car. I like to pretend I am driving all over the board; if you're wondering, yes I do make screeching car noises when I'm moving around the board!

Well, there it is, a quick snapshot of some interesting facts about Monopoly. I always have lots of fun playing this game with my family and friends. Compared to the likes of games like Connect Four, Monopoly could easily be dubbed the marathon board game. Connect Four is barely a sprint! Do you have any interesting facts about Monopoly to share?

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I love monopoly. my dad and I had a great time playing that!!😊😊

short line, the railroad, is actually a bus company. :)

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