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Indulge Your Passion How to Become a Collector ...

By Neecey

Collecting is a really fun hobby. Your collection is usually something you’re passionate about or are truly interested in so, it follows that it’s a hobby that should make you happy. And the subject of your collection is totally up to you – the possibilities are almost endless. Some collections start in a random fashion but if you make the decision you want to be a collector, here’s how to do it:

1 Make It Personal

The first thing to consider in how to become a collector is to try to come up with a budding collection idea that means something personal to you. This could be anything from stubs of concerts you have attended, from a pebble from each beach you have ever visited, to a shot glass from every holiday destination you have been to, everything to do with owls etc etc. The more personal the collection, the more inspired you will be to expand it.

2 Limit Yourself

There can sometimes be a fine line between the process of a collector and the process of a hoarder. The trick is to concentrate on a certain element or aspect and you will find yourself honing in your collecting skills to a focused goal rather than keeping or buying absolutely everything. This hoarding nature will only lead to more items than you can handle and your niche will become diluted.

3 Be Patient

It is important not to force the growth of your collection, whatever it may be. A truly great collection is something that grows in a natural and timely manner. Make sure to keep your eye out for the perfect pieces to add to your inventory, but don’t invest in every single piece you find, Bide your time and the right things will come to you in the end.

4 Consider How to Display

What is the point of spending years amassing a beautiful or impressive collection of something if you are not going to be able to display and show it off accordingly? Think about how and where in your home you may be able to display your collection, and through the consideration you may want to set limits on yourself with regards to size.

5 Make Sure You Have Space

For most people these days, living space is at an absolute premium. Have a think about your own living situation and the sort of space you have for a potential collection. Assessing your space can help to determine exactly what it is that you might want to start collecting. Limited space? How about postcards or stamps? Lots of space? The world is your oyster!

6 Think outside of the Box

It’s always important to sit and have a think before your begin your hobby about exactly what you want to collect; there are so many more interesting options than simple marbles, magazines or tickets. Some of the coolest collections in the world are of things like egg cups, kooky alarm clocks, and even shark teeth! It should still be something you have personal interest in, but try to think outside the box!

7 Pick Something Affordable

Your collection should be something that enhances you as a person, not something that continually gives you financial difficulty. There is a multitude of interesting yet affordable choices to consider. We don’t all have to embark on collecting every single Chanel handbag or Rolex watch that ever existed!

8 Commit to the Collection

Once you have decided on a specific item, it is important to commit to expanding your collection. There is nothing sadder than a half finished project! A lot always look better than just a few, so no matter how long it takes, keep on going and you will get a wonderful sense of well being from seeing your collection grow and grow.

9 Be Specific

To avoid your collection becoming almost too much to handle, try to be as specific in your chosen niche as possible. For example, if you are collecting egg cups, think about sticking to a particular color, or if you are collecting alarm clocks, think about sticking to a particular design or time period.

My personal collecting habit is dolphins. I have dolphins in all sorts of materials from all around the world. Wherever I go I pick up a dolphin. They don’t have any monetary value but each one holds a wealth of memories of the places I’ve been and the people I met and the stories that enrich my life.

What do you/would you collect?

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