7 Important Ways to Be Intentional with Your Family Starting Today ...


7 Important Ways to Be Intentional with Your Family Starting Today ...
7 Important Ways to Be Intentional with Your Family Starting Today ...

It takes a lot of diligence, patience and love to live out the ways to be intentional with your family. Being intentional simply means you do things on purpose for a purpose. It's easy to slip into your own world and just be "sort of" present with your spouse, family or friends. It's much more difficult and requires a greater deal of energy to activity live each day to its fullest and with the most joy. But let me tell you it's so worth it! If you find it difficult to put into action the concept of intentional living, then keep reading! Here are some practical ways to be intentional with your family that you should practice starting today.

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Be Less Busy

I know when my kids grow up I'm not going to treasure the errands we ran together or all the activities that took away from spending time as a family. I am going to treasure the precious moments of watching my kids grow and learn and experiencing life with them. Isn't it more important to have memories of your family that involve laughter, hugs, tears, and meaningful conversation? Being less busy is one of the ways to be intentional with your family. Take heart from the small things in life that make it beautiful!


Always Greet Each Other with a Hug and a Kiss

It's incredibly important for you and for your children to show affection towards one another daily. Hugs and kisses are a must for a healthy family. As humans, we require physical touch to feel truly loved and to love back. For children especially, hugging and holding and kissing and tickling are part of the developmental process for nurturing the feelings of safety and security. Always hug and kiss your spouse and kids goodbye and greet them in the same manner!


Encourage Your Spouse

Everyone needs to be encouraged and validated in what they do on a daily basis. Don't underestimate the power of words and building others up. Your spouse especially needs your love and support to fully thrive in all areas of life. That includes work, home, parenting, and even sexual satisfaction. Don't slack on words of encouragement because it could make all the difference in successful living.


Don't Rush Bedtime

Every night I'm eager to put my son to bed so I can finally relax from all the day's craziness. It's not wrong to want to have alone time - in fact it's necessary. We need to remember however that one day in the semi-near future, they won't want to be read a story before bed, or to be tucked in and sung too. One day they won't want to snuggle with mom and dad after a bad dream. So cherish these moments now before they're gone and take your time with even the smallest things like your bedtime routine. It does make a difference.


Don't Let Anger Control You

Anger is a natural emotion and completely appropriate at certain times. But, it's vitally important to not let anger control you and cause you to make unwise choices in front of your children. They are, after all, watching intently at what you do and say! Be firm but not hot-tempered. And never discipline in anger but out of love, whatever your methods may be.


Celebrate Your Life Today

Life is an incredible gift that's meant to be filled with joy, laughter, and even sorrow - because with sorrow comes strength, compassion for others and a love you didn't know could consume you so deeply. Celebrate the life you have right now and all the little things that make it great. We never know when our last day will be so make it count!


Express Your Love Every Single Day

As stated before, and not to be morose but, we don't know what tomorrow looks like or how much time we have left to live. Every day, express how you feel to others - tell them you love them and how much you appreciate them. This kind of intentional living leaves out any room for regrets and wishful thinking.

Hopefully this article was able to inspire you to be more present and engaged with your family! What are some ways that you live intentionally?

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