7 Important Reasons You Need Faith in Your Life ...


There are some very important reasons why you need faith in your life. Although we all worship differently, there are some benefits that are reaped universally, regardless of your denomination and type of worship. These benefits are so important and helpful in our lives. Let’s talk about some of the very important reasons why you need faith in your life.

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It is the Meaning of Life

Faith gives life meaning and that is one of the reasons why you need faith in your life. Without our faith, what point is there to life? Faith is the core of who we are and our entire belief system. Most of us feel that our faith is the most important thing we can teach our children. I know that I feel that way with my own children.


Life without faith can often seem directionless, like wandering through a maze without a map. To instill faith in our children is to offer them that map, a guiding light that can steer them through life's challenges and uncertainties. It forms a foundation of values and principles that can lead to a fulfilling life. Having faith doesn't mean the absence of doubt or hardship, but it provides a profound sense of purpose and the resilience to face those struggles head-on, with the conviction that there is something larger, deeper, and infinitely meaningful guiding us.


Faith Offers Healing Benefits

It has been proven time and time again that those who have a strong faith often have a higher chance of healing and survival of serious diseases. Faith also helps to shorten sicknesses and prevent such severity during the time of illness. It is thought that a person’s individual faith has a strong effect on their healing. It is also thought that the prayers of others that love and care about the person who is sick make a difference in your healing. I personally believe this to be true.


Faith's influence on healing extends beyond the physiological. When enveloped in spirituality or religious practices, individuals experiencing stress or trauma often report an enhanced sense of well-being. This is not merely subjective comfort; scientific studies suggest that those with deep-seated beliefs may experience reduced levels of stress hormones, which can contribute to better health outcomes. Optimism, a frequent companion to faith, is another byproduct that can foster a positive mindset, crucial for recovery and resilience. Embodying hope, faith can become a powerful source of emotional strength, helping people to navigate their health challenges with greater fortitude.


Faith Offers Strong Friendships

Faith offers strong friendship bonds to you. Not only do you get close to those that you attend services with, but you have so much more in common to base a friendship on. You can share studies on your faith and talk about deep, theological things that you can’t with friends who don’t share your faith. It is also a blessing to know you can call a friend and ask them to pray for you when you are struggling. Additionally, you meet more people to be friends with as you attend worship services.


Faith Can Bring You Peace

Faith can certainly bring you peace. I know that in my life, nothing gives me peace like my faith does. You can turn to your bible for comfort and reassurance in hard times. You can look back and see how your faith has brought you through difficult times in the past. Having trust in a higher power allows you to know that your life is in good hands.


When you're burdened with worries and uncertainties, a strong sense of faith can feel like a gentle whisper telling you that everything will be alright. It's the inner calm in the storm. Faith isn't just about expecting miracles; it's about finding strength within to face each day with courage and grace. It's about knowing that even in the darkest of times, there's a light that never goes out, and it shines from within your heart. In faith, you find an anchor, a source of serenity that transcends worldly chaos.


Faith Can Make You a Better Person

Most people would agree that faith makes you a better person. Regardless of the denomination of services that you attend, almost all denominations support and encourage becoming a better person. Most types of faith encourage kindness, caring, loving others and doing good deeds for others. As you do these things, not only have you helped someone else but you have also helped yourself. As you become a better person, you feel better about yourself, too.


In embracing faith, compassion and altruism often bloom. Acts of kindness are reaffirmed by spiritual teachings, nudging us towards a more harmonious life. As we sow seeds of goodness, our self-perception improves, propelling a cycle of positivity that radiates outward. Personal growth is anchored in these principles - as we uplift others, we elevate ourselves, creating a reflective effect that nourishes the soul. This journey of self-improvement aligns closely with spiritual goals, reminding us that the path to inner peace is often paved with good intentions and selfless actions.


Faith Moves Mountains

Faith can move mountains. Many people who have a faith can attest that they have seen things happen they would have never dreamed could happen. They credit that all to their faith and their faith in a higher power. It could be that they have seen someone healed, that they have seen obstacles work out in their personal life or a number of different things. Things that seem insurmountable are not when you have faith in your life.


Having faith not only provides a source of strength, but also acts as a beacon, guiding through life's countless challenges. Often, it is this unshakeable belief that clears a path when all roads seem blocked. Beyond personal triumphs, faith can foster a deep sense of community spirit, uniting people towards a common good. In essence, the presence of faith is like having a personal cheerleader, always encouraging and affirming that anything is possible, despite the odds.


Faith Gives You Support

Faith lends you support when you are dealing with a difficult situation in your life. Not only do you have your friends that share your faith supporting you, but you simply feel supported by your faith itself. You can trust that your faith will bring you through difficult times and that better times will come. Many times your faith will teach you some valuable life lessons along the way. You can then share those life lessons with others you know and love and help them along their way.

Faith is a very important element in our lives. What are some benefits your faith has given you? I would love to hear from you.

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It's unfortunate that so many of the comments have such a hurtful tone. It's fine if to disagree with the article, but it's not fine to put down those that live by some sort of faith in the process.

I'm an atheist just for the record and the only thing about this article that kind of makes me upset is that you're saying life is pointless without faith. My life has plenty of meaning without faith. I just think that's kind of an ignorant and insulting thing to say. I don't have anything against articles like these in general, just be more careful what you say.

Cause I gotta have faith. . . Great Album, Cool Video!!

I think people in General are judgemental of people who are different, and they then make assumptions about them because they don't understand. That is what's sad, that people are so quick to judge and generalize all people based on their beliefs.

I have to call BS on this article and many of its entries. Especially where "faith makes you a better person." My boyfriend and his brother are Athiests and never in my life have I met anyone as kind, caring for others, and life loving as these two. I've seen faith/religion destroy families (mine included). I'm pretty sure we all know someone who is Not a better person because of their faith...

I'm an atheist I don't believe faith is in any way necessary, but if it works for u then good for u

The argument that "faith can make you a better person" is sad. Do most people need an imaginary figure explaining right from wrong? Telling them to care for others and help those in need? Why can't we, as humans, do these things on your own? Why can't you be a "good" person simply on your own accord, not for fear of an almighty being shaking it's fingers at you and saying "no!" Some of the most caring, loving, helpful people I have ever met are, like me, atheists. I shudder to think of the billions of followers out there who are only "good" to appease their God.

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