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7 Advantages of Being Polite to Strangers ...

By Alicia

There are advantages of being polite to strangers. We should be polite to everyone but we sometimes put a lower priority on being polite to strangers. We tend to let this slip past us and not make as much of an effort to do that. But there are advantages of being polite to strangers, as well as everyone we come in contact with. Let’s talk about them now.

1 You Brighten Their Day

One of the advantages of being polite to strangers is that you brighten their day when you are. We all appreciate when someone is polite to us, don’t we? When I run into someone and they end up being a very sweet, polite person, I am often inspired. We can do that for the strangers that we encounter. We may make them want to be kinder to others by brightening their day with our politeness.

2 You Feel Better about Yourself

When you are polite to others, even strangers, you feel better about yourself. Being kind always makes us feel good, just like being unkind makes us feel badly about ourselves. When you make the choice to be polite to everyone that you meet, you will feel better about yourself. That is definitely worth what little effort it takes to do that.

3 It’s a Small World

Another reason to try to be polite to everyone that you meet is that it really is a small world. You just never know when that stranger that you were polite to may end up being your boss or the mother of a child your child becomes friends with. When that happens, you would much rather it be that you were polite to the person than you weren’t. I have actually had this happen to me; having someone I encountered as a stranger later become an acquaintance. It pays to be polite to strangers.

4 You Know You Are Working on Becoming a Better Person

Being polite to strangers is something you do just because you are a good person. It is something you do when you are trying to make a genuine and sincere effort to be a good person. You can take pride in that. That is something to be pleased with yourself over. Give yourself credit where credit is due.

5 Karma Can Be Your Friend

I truly, truly believe in karma. This shouldn’t be why you choose to be polite to strangers but it is a good thing to remember. How we treat others always comes back to us in one way or another. I have seen this happen in my life. Rest assured that being kind to others will come back to you in kindness.

6 You May Make a New Friend

You just never know when being polite to a stranger may end up in opening up a friendship to you. This can and does happen. After all, most of our friends were actually strangers at some point, weren’t they? Keeping in mind that being polite may end up bringing more friends your way is a good thought. It makes it easier to be polite on days when you may be dealing with stress that would perhaps otherwise result in impoliteness.

7 It Improves Your Reputation

Being polite to everyone you meet, including strangers, improves your reputation. You may not think it but people do know how we treat others. Word gets around. A reputation grows from that. It is always worth the time and effort to be polite to strangers and everyone else we encounter.

Being polite to strangers has benefits even if it seems it doesn’t at first. What benefits do you think there are for being polite to strangers? Share with us.

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