7 Reasons Why You Should Be a Waitress at Least Once in Your Life ...


7 Reasons Why You Should Be a Waitress at Least Once in Your Life ...
7 Reasons Why You Should Be a Waitress at Least Once in Your Life ...

I’ve worked in my fair share of restaurants, so I’m going to give you some insight on why you should be a waitress at some point in your life. I’m not saying it’s my dream job or that I want to go back to it, but there are some valuable work and life skills I learned during my years of slinging hash. So read on and find out why you should be a waitress.

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Improved Work Ethic

When you’re a waitress, you don’t get breaks. You’re on your feet running your butt off for your entire shift. It’s exhausting and demoralizing sometimes, but you should be a waitress anyway because this demanding workload builds a work ethic you’ll benefit from for the rest of your life. Getting used to a crazy busy day on the job helps you prepare for any job you get in the future and teaches you how to give it your all and not slack off anytime you go to work.


You Get in Shape

As I said above, you don’t stop moving when you’re waiting tables, so that means you burn mega calories and work your muscles at the same time. Not only can you stay slender, but you build great looking legs, arms and shoulders from all the lifting, carrying and walking. Just make sure you don’t ruin all those benefits by gorging on high fat foods when your shift is over.


You Always Have Cash

One of the great things about waiting tables is that you leave everyday with cash in your pocket. Now don’t go out and spend it willy-nilly or you won’t be all that good off. Instead, stash it in a safe place. If you need to make a quick trip to the grocery store, you won’t have to hit the ATM or pay the debit card fees charged by the bank. Having to go through your hard-earned cash can help you stay aware of what you’re spending and saving too.


You Learn Teamwork

Waitresses don’t work alone. They help each other carry food and drinks, clean tables and take orders so that all guests are served, even if the line snakes out the door. As a waitress, you’ll learn to anticipate the needs of the other servers and you’ll get used to asking for help when you need it. This will make you a valuable employee at any job.


You Learn How to Be a Good Patron

Have you ever overheard someone asking for their food before everyone else or seen a waitress get stiffed? Those people have never waited tables. As much as being a waitress stinks sometimes, it does teach you how to treat servers when you eat out. You know how hard it is to wait on several tables at once so you’ll be more understanding. You also know that kitchen mistakes aren’t a server’s fault and that she still deserves a tip.


You Get to Leave Work behind

As a waitress, you don’t have to take work home. When you’re shift is over, it’s over. You get to leave with your pocket full of cash and not think about the job until your next shift. It might be stressful while you’re there, but when it’s over, you can go home and think about other things. Job stress won’t keep you up at night.


Cheap or Free Food

No other job is going to give you discounts on delicious restaurant meals. You can enjoy meals you normally can’t afford at half-price or less. I once got a job waiting tables at a steakhouse and got to have a medium-rare sirloin with salad for lunch every day for just a couple of dollars. Sure beats another peanut butter and jelly sandwich, right?

Have you ever waited tables? What was your favorite part?

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I have been a waitress for abit over a year now and this is quite accurate !

Getting stiffed as a server is sometimes deserved. You have never had bad service to say something like that. Sometimes servers are mean and uncaring people. Some refuse to write your order down, then it comes out wrong, then you ask them to go fix it, they go clean up. I have had that happen before where they DISRESPECT you as a human being. Those people are the ones that get stiffed.

I think I failed miserably at waitressing lol but it's just because I take things too personally. But everything mentioned here is so true. When I was reading it, I was like Yes! Thank you! Lol

Hey! Thank you for letting me see why I like this job so much! I really does teach some great life lessons. And the money isn't bad either, plus as you get better and better at your job the money get even better!

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