7 Important Etiquette Tips for Daily Life ...


Etiquette tips, especially those with roots dating back in history, can seem like old-fashioned formalities with little place in our fast-paced, modern societies. (Think women curtsying to greet men - nowadays, an unlikely sight, and thank goodness!) That being said, there are certain aspects to a refined pedigree not to be overlooked in their value. Simple, everyday etiquette and good manners can benefit us all - interacting with each other more respectfully, striving to connect more meaningfully, and holding certain events to a greater standard of decorum. Easy-to-do, modern strategies will add polish to your presentation, and perhaps even have those around you upping their own social standards. Here are some of the most important etiquette tips for daily life.

1. Pretty Please

My grand-mother used to say that you can catch more of what you want if you ask for it with a little sugar and honey - β€œplease” is the verbal equivalent to sweetening a sentence, yet somehow, it seems to have all but disappeared from modern vocabulary. A fundamental basis of good manners and one of the simplest etiquette tips, β€œplease” is a powerful communication tool that can be used to convey respect, and best of all, increase the chances of you getting what you are asking for. Big results for such a sweet, little word.

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