What Would You Look like if You Were a Cartoon? These Artists Know  ...


What Would You Look like if You Were a Cartoon? These Artists Know  ...
What Would You Look like if You Were a Cartoon? These Artists Know  ...

People who can draw ✍️ amaze me. I'm in awe 😮 of people who can make a person 👤 look like a person or a dog 🐶 like a dog, people who can draw noses 👃 that look like noses and eyes 👁 that look like eyes, let alone anything else.

Artists with immense talent take my breath away. Lots of folks feel that way, I think, given the attention that the #stylechallenge on Instagram is getting. Autumn Massaquoi – @beautifulness87 on Instagram – was one of the first, if not THE first artist to use the tag, which quickly went viral and inspired tons of other super talented artists to draw for the challenge.

The #stylechallenge involves drawing your art – self-portraits, portraits of famous figures or favorite animals – in the style of popular cartoons. It's kind of amazeballs, to be honest. Let's see if you can guess which one of these made me snort-laugh! ✏️🖍🖌🖋

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@xenopurple_art is a Disney Princess Dream

cartoon, art, illustration, STYLE, POWER, Disney, the Simpsons, the Powerpuff Girls, the Wild Thornberries, the Fairly Odd Parents … she nails them all! That Disney version needs to be in a movie! I also love that Semira incorporated the hijab into her drawings, don't you?


@emzdrawings is Killing It with the Boondocks

hair, hairstyle, cartoon, afro, illustration, The artist here is Emilia, whose personal style is STUNNING! I love her drawing for the Boondocks, too – Huey would totally fall for that girl.


@ratchetxhippie_ Slays Daria

social group, hair, cartoon, hairstyle, facial expression, Shanice Chanté's drawings are amazing – her Insta tag also makes me want to be her new BFF, by the way. I love every single character depicted here, but I'm partial to the Daria and Rugrats styles. What about you?


@edortagquinzel Even Does Hanna-Barbera

social group, crowd, cartoon, class, sketch, Edorta really packed in as many styles as possible! I'm loving the Rick and Morty and Bob's Burgers versions, but the Batman TAS style is kinda … wow!


@thafrenchfry's Gonna Have Everybody Thirsty

cartoon, dog breed, illustration, pet, puppy love, Artist Chelsey Thomas has talent for DAYS! Her personal style is gorgeous, her Bob's Burgers style is on point, but her Edd, Ed, n' Eddy style really hits me in the feels. Also, I would like to see this Hey Arnold character in the new Hey Arnold stuff, plskthnx.


@lyriqsart Will Make You LOL

cartoon, sketch, illustration, drawing, My9mLE, Hahahaha! HAHAHAHAHA! “Who you callin' a pinhead?”


@jacobmayday's Drawings Are Too Cute

stage, hair, cartoon, hairstyle, illustration, All of Jacob's drawings are adorable. The Family Guy character looks like someone who would tap into Meg's obsessive tendencies in the first five minutes.


@ArtByBryce's Art Inspires Some Feelings

hair, hairstyle, cartoon, person, sketch, I'm feeling things about Bryce's Boondocks rendition and I'm not ashamed to say so. Honestly, though, this is all gorgeous. But seriously. That Boondocks guy, though.


@autumnsayshello_ is Crazy Talented

social group, cartoon, people, basketball moves, illustration, Autumn has a KaBlam! rendition and I'm so happy! KaBlam! And Rocko's Modern Life! And there's an adorable Smurf!


@beautifulness87 Conquers Every Style, Ever

cartoon, toy, illustration, doll, The, Contest-starter Autumn is killing it, too. These are all gorgeous, but I want to see her on Bob's Burgers and also, again, the Boondocks! Fierce!


@vanialy_art_ is Made for Horse Fans

cartoon, comics, book, drawing, HORSELAND, These horses are magnificent! The My Little Pony is precious, but I'm all about the Mulan horse especially.


@sanaakblog's One Piece is Everything

hair, cartoon, art, hairstyle, font, Sanaa's style is stunning – and her talent is so versatile! I'm in love with all of these, especially Disney, the Simpsons, and One Piece!


@beautifulness87's Second round-up

person, cartoon, illustration, people, emotion, Autumn continues to slay! Adventure Time Autumn is the cutest thing that I have ever seen, I think.


@erinleedani Bringing the Flower Crowns

sketch, drawing, document, moustache, THE, Erin's flower princesses are so flawless! Naruto is stunning, the Simpsons is adorable, and Disney is magical enough for a movie!


@theodorax Has Tim Burton down

cartoon, eyebrow, facial expression, sketch, emotion, But seriously, though, between Tim Burton and Daria, I'm in love. The angles and the cheekbones! I'm also seriously digging the kitty ears.


@g_ariadni Has #hairgoals

cartoon, font, illustration, sale, 7in, Ariadni's interpretations are so frigging cute – I love the sweater! Her renditions have serious hair goals, too – those curls, that volume!


@mythallica's Dragon Ball Z Caption, Though

cartoon, person, illustration, drawing, mascot, Artist Mikhail's renditions are worthy of their own appearances on each show. His original style is hot, too – I'm a sucker for sharp angles!


@mastermindsconnect's Disney Version is Bae

Masterminds, The Simpsons, Dragon Ball Z, player, cartoon, Sorry for bae, but Marco Bernard's styles are just … yum. Disney is especially yum and needs to be a prince ASAP.


@madeleinemays with the Fierce Fashion

cartoon, clip art, DRAGONBALL., STYLE, Mays, All of these need to become cartoons. Honestly, I would display Madeleine's personal style as art.

Have you taken the #stylechallenge? Share your art!

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