Ever Wondered What Your Favorite Superheroes Would Look like in the Olden Days?

If you've ever wondered what some of the biggest superheroes would look like if they were around hundreds of years ago, Sacha Goldberger has the art series that will answer all your questions. The photographer created the Super Flemish series, taking some of the most famous superheroes like Superman, Batman, etc. and giving them the "Flemish" finish. Goldberger spent two years on the project and had a lot of people working on his team. Twelve people were involved with special effects, hair, and makeup, and five other people were behind the custom costume designs. Wow, team work makes the dream work, right? Of the project, Sacha said: "All of it was incredible, it was like a dream come true." Here's what your favorite superheroes would look like as 16th century paintings.

1. Superman

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Can you imagine the modern day Superman wearing this?

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