What Would You Look like if You Were a Cartoon? These Artists Know 🙌🏼 🖍‌‌🖍‌🖍‌ ...


People who can draw ✍️ amaze me. I'm in awe 😮 of people who can make a person 👤 look like a person or a dog 🐶 like a dog, people who can draw noses 👃 that look like noses and eyes 👁 that look like eyes, let alone anything else.

Artists with immense talent take my breath away. Lots of folks feel that way, I think, given the attention that the #stylechallenge on Instagram is getting. Autumn Massaquoi – @beautifulness87 on Instagram – was one of the first, if not THE first artist to use the tag, which quickly went viral and inspired tons of other super talented artists to draw for the challenge.

The #stylechallenge involves drawing your art – self-portraits, portraits of famous figures or favorite animals – in the style of popular cartoons. It's kind of amazeballs, to be honest. Let's see if you can guess which one of these made me snort-laugh! ✏️🖍🖌🖋

1. @xenopurple_art is a Disney Princess Dream

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Disney, the Simpsons, the Powerpuff Girls, the Wild Thornberries, the Fairly Odd Parents … she nails them all! That Disney version needs to be in a movie! I also love that Semira incorporated the hijab into her drawings, don't you?

@emzdrawings is Killing It with the Boondocks
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