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Instagram is such a fun and inspirational form of social media. It’s mainly focused on capturing the little moments that make life wonderful. Drama doesn’t turn up there nearly as often as it does on other forms of social media. These’re some ideas you can use to make sure your spring Instagram photos are superb!

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Try a Different Spin on Your Selfies

Instagram is the place for selfies. In fact, many of us upload our selfies to other sites from Instagram because they offer such simple and quality editing options. If you want a different spin on your Instagram selfies for spring then consider where you place yourself in correlation to the sun. All of us love bright, happy, sunshiny pictures but consider letting the sun be your backlight instead. It offers soft lighting that makes sure you’re the complete focus in the picture.


Capture the Beauty of Spring in Nature

Your Instagram pictures don’t have to all be of people. Capture the beauty of spring in them! Maybe you could snap a picture of tulips 🌷breaking through the ground or the rainbow after a fresh spring rain. There’re tons of ways you can do this. Let your creativity guide you and you’re on your way to fabulous Instagram pics!


Snap a Shot of a Spring Activity

Sometimes an action picture can capture the spirit of something in a way no words can. Show what’s going on in your life by using this trick. You could take a picture of a spring picnic all laid out or of your niece or nephew’s soccer ⚽game you’re attending. It’s a fun way to show what’s going on in your life. If you think about it then you’ll realize you probably love these little snapshots of what’s going on in the life of your friends as well.


Show off Your Spring Haul

This one makes me excited! Most of us go on at least some sort of haul when the seasons change. It could be for clothes, makeup or even just accessories. Whatever goods you found on your shopping trip, show them off! It’s always fun to see what others are buying.


Embrace Rainy Days

In order to have the flowers we have to take the showers, right? But that doesn’t mean your photo opps are ruined. Make the most of rainy days in your Instagram pictures. Show a picture of your umbrella paired with your rainboots. Another idea is to have someone capture a picture of you enjoying all the childish fun of a rainy day while you splash in a puddle.


Share Your Mani/Pedi Pix

Aren’t you ready to break out coral and pink shades for your mani and pedi? I love fall and winter nail colors as much as anyone but by the time spring comes, I’m more than ready to see a bright pop of color on my nails. Showing them off on Instagram will gain you tons of compliments as well as giving others inspiration. They could even repay the favor by inspiring you in another way.


Don’t Forget Hair Selfies

Hair selfies are a must! If you’re lucky enough to have a good hair day then the occasion calls for a picture. In the spring, you can do this and add a unique twist to hair selfies. You may want to show off your new short and sassy cut or add in some flowers for a delicate look in the spring. A flower crown or even one simple bloom tucked behind your ear can change the whole look of a picture. There’s no question that it’s spring when you choose those options.

These ideas can help you have fabulous photos on Instagram this spring. What’re your favorite sort of photos to post? How do you add a unique touch to them?

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