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Perfect Ways to Manage Holiday Stress ...

By Leiann

If you're already feeling the pressures of the festive season, you're not alone. Many of us would fare better if we knew how to manage holiday stress.

The holiday season is here! Have you ever heard the expression "If stress burned calories, I'd be a supermodel"? Pick and choose from the following list of ways to manage holiday stress and be at ease this festive season.

1 Stick to a Budget

Come January, you will be thankful. GIve what you can afford to give. Look on Pinterest for dollar store Christmas gift ideas and gifts from the kitchen.

2 Exercise

This will boost your mood and energy.

3 Go to Your Happy Place

This is a place where you may be alone and chill.

4 Get Some Sun

This stimulates that feel-good serotonin and relieves seasonal affective disorder.

5 Laugh!

This hilarously reduces stress hormones.

6 Don't Obsess

You cannot do it all. The universe will not end if you don't.

7 Listen to Your Favorite Music

Doing so calms feeling anxious.

8 Don't Think Negatively Period

This would be like treating the holidays as a threat when it is a time to celebrate!

9 Have an Attitiude of Gratitude

Volunteer for the underprivileged.

10 Make a List of Priorities

By organizing your schedule, you won't be exhausted, cranky or irritable.

Have you made your game plan? Have the list covered? If so, you should have a real and stress-free holiday season instead of one of unrealistic expectations! Ho Ho Ho


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