How to Juggle Work and School without Going Insane ...

Juggling work and school responsibilities is a tough act. The ones who come out of it alive seriously need to have monuments erected in their honor. Some unlucky few go insane and have to make the tough choice of choosing one over the other. But you're lucky because you have girlfriends right here who are sharing their thoughts and experiences on how you can juggle work and school without going gaga:

1. Make Sure Your Work Place is near Your Campus

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Say you work as a barista for a coffee shop and you're already on your third year in the university. Now picture the responsibilities of a barista and a full-time student. Overwhelming? Yep! How much more if the coffee shop you're working for is an hour away from campus?! Not cool. You'll end up battered and dead tired by the end of the day. So a piece of advice: close proximity between workplace and school campus is essential to keep your sanity intact.

2. Do Not Take More than What You Can Handle

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You need the money to pay for gas and food. Understood. But make sure that you strike a balance between work and school. If you have a big exam coming up then don't do any overtime in exchange for a few bucks because you, lady, need to study! Also, don't take 18 credits if your work demands that you report every day. It's just not realistic.

3. Find Time to Rest

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Between work and school, how can you find the time to rest? Well, that's why you do numbers 1 and 2 so you can get your much needed siesta in the afternoon and your REM sleep at night. Resting also includes spending some time relaxing by reading a book, hanging out with friends, or having a cup of tea at a cafΓ© (NOT the cafΓ© where you're working!).

4. Get a Trusted Workmate and Classmate

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You need partners in this dance of your life. You need to get allies to help you out especially when the going gets tough. Get a trusted workmate to cover you at work in case you're running late or in cases when you can't be at work because you need to finish a major paper. In school, get a classmate who can update you about what transpired in class in case you missed attending because work got in the way. These people will be your lifelines. Choose them carefully.

5. Load up on Caffeine and Maybe Some Sweets

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The situation is already crazy as it is so you need to be extra fueled and driven to make things work even if it's tough. One of your quick fixes to sashay your way into this mess? Load up on caffeine. It'll keep you awake and sharp. If you're not diabetic, eat your sweets; they will help keep you standing until the moon says her "good night."

6. Master the Art of Reading in between Shifts

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You're in the world of multitasking so better learn the tricks of the trade, one of which is mastering the art of reading in between shifts. Get those reading materials from school ready so you can browse and read them while you're on your 15-minute break. Also, learn how to read in a moving vehicle or find ways to squeeze in some reading time while you're in the subway.

7. Drive Carefully

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If you have a car, remember: drive carefully. Please do. Juggling work and school tasks involve so much brainwork but when you're driving, please focus on the road. Always put safety as a priority. No amount of high scores in an exam or extra cash is worth your life.

Are you a working student? What challenges are you facing these days? How are you resolving them?

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