How to Beat the Work from Home Blues ...

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How to Beat the Work from Home Blues ...

Since the onset of the coronavirus, a lot of Americans have been forced to adjust to working from home. The idea may have sounded cool at once, but after weeks cooped up in your house, you’ve come to realize, this isn’t for the faint of heart. Your morning routines are shot, your favorite hairstyle has become the messy bun, your wardrobe is nothing more than the pj’s you had on the night before, and to top it all off, you’re really starting to miss talking with your co-workers.

The monotony is enough to make you want to scream some days, and you find yourself getting a bit blue. Seeing as how you have no idea when things will go back to normal (or if this happens to be the new normal), you want to find a way to get out of this funk. Well, here’s some insight on how to beat the work from home blues:

Table of contents:

  1. create a morning routine
  2. create an office space with luxury home decor
  3. get ready for work
  4. get out of the house
  5. connect with co-workers

1 Create a Morning Routine

You’d think that with more time you’d be more productive throughout the day, but that isn’t the case for most. More time essentially leads to a lack of structure, weakened discipline, and procrastination. When you start performing poorly at home and at work you begin to feel depressed.

Maintain your morning routines to provide structure and discipline in your life. Now that you have more time on your hands, you can add things to start your day off right. You can wake up, complete your skincare routine, brush your teeth, take a shower, have some breakfast, watch the news, and get in a bit of exercise before heading to the “office”.

2 Create an Office Space with Luxury Home Decor

Sitting in your living room or dining room trying to find the inspiration to work can be challenging. There are too many distractions that get you off track. To counteract this problem, why not create a designated home office? This can be a room or space in your home complete with luxury home decor that is exclusively designed for you to work.

Before investing in high-end home decor, your office needs to be filled with the basics. At the very least, you’ll need things like a computer or laptop, a desk, office chair, filing cabinet, desk organizers, and office supplies.

Then, you can personalize your space by adding eclectic home decor from designer home decor brands like LADORADA. Such brands offer ethically sourced home decor items like accent bowls, designer vases, centerpieces, and bottle coasters, which only adds to the comfort, function, and aesthetics of your new workspace.

3 Get Ready for Work

It may have been fun for a while to get work done in your pajamas, but now it’s starting to weigh on you emotionally. You barely groom yourself, let alone get dressed for the day anymore. To be quite honest, you’re not happy with the woman you see looking at you in the mirror.

Though beauty is within, your outer appearance can have an impact on your self-esteem. Even though you’re not physically leaving the house anymore, it doesn’t mean you can’t get ready. Every day you should get up, do your hair and makeup, and find something in your closet to put on. You don’t have to get all corporate (unless that’s what you’d prefer). Something smart casual will do the trick.

4 Get out of the House

Being cooped up in the house all the time is enough to get at anyone’s psyche. Though you want to remain safe, getting out of the house can do the mind and body some good. You can grab your laptop and work from your front porch or patio. If there’s a nearby park that doesn’t get too crowded, spend a few minutes walking around to get some exercise and breathe in some fresh air. If nothing else, you can grab the keys, get in your car, and take a ride on a nice sunny day. You’ll be surprised how great you feel as the warmth of the sun touches your skin and the cool breeze flows through your hair.

5 Connect with Co-Workers

You may not be in the same office right now, but you’re still a team. When you start to feel a bit lonely working at home, set up a time to connect with your co-workers. You guys spend a lot of time together and will likely share some of the same experiences. This can be a great source of emotional support.

You can schedule a virtual meeting and have lunch, play games, or simply catch up with what’s going on in your personal life. Doing this once or twice a month can really reduce loneliness and boost your spirits.

From the outside looking in, working from home seemed like a dream job come true. Now that present times have called for many people to work remotely, however, many have come to realize there are some disadvantages. One of the biggest is fighting off the blues. If you’ve been feeling pretty bummed about working from home, try things like creating a routine, designing a home office with high-end home decor from brands like Ladorada, getting ready for work each day, spending more time outdoors, and catching up with friends for an improved mood.

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