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How Each Zodiac Sign Responds to Compliments ...

By Melly

I think we can all agree that giving a compliment to someone is a nice and kind thing to do, but what is really crazy about human nature and human behaviour is the fact that the same compliment can be taken so differently by different people! When you think about the multitudes of contrasting personalities that we all have, though, I guess it isn’t that crazy to think that we can react so variedly to the same words being said! Here is how each zodiac sign responds to compliments.

1 Aries

An Aries has an insatiable desire for attention, so the way that they react to receiving a compliment is to fish for more. They just can’t resist!

2 Taurus

You might not get the reaction you were expecting from a Taurus, simply because they are extremely low key and find receiving compliments a little awkward and uncomfortable.

3 Gemini

Geminis are highly motivated by the praise of others, so they will be extremely encouraged by your words and will probably go on to have a really productive couple of hours!

4 Cancer

A Cancer will politely thank you for your kind words, but you will definitely get the sense that they never want to be singled out for praise like that again!

5 Leo

You know what Leos are like, the like and soul of the party! They are used to hearing compliments coming their way, and they never, ever get bored of receiving them!

6 Virgo

A Virgo doesn’t mean to be, but they can’t help but come across as a little pompous and egotistical. Your compliment won’t feel like anything new to them, because they fully believe their own hype anyway!

7 Libra

A Libra likes everything to be nice and balanced, so the way that they usually respond to a compliment is by giving one of their own right back to you.

8 Scorpio

Scorpios don’t have time for small talk and meaningless chit-chat, so if you want to compliment one without receiving an eye roll in return, you better make sure it’s authentic!

9 Sagittarius

Deep down they will secretly love the praise, but a true Sagittarius will almost always laugh off a compliment like it is nothing.

10 Capricorn

Capricorns don’t enjoy hollow or shallow compliments; they only want to be praised if you can also incorporate some sort of advice or constructive criticism in to the mix too.

11 Aquarius

First of all an Aquarius can always tell if you are being insincere, but if you are not, then you will receive a nice big hug for your kindness.

12 Pisces

A Pisces will always think there is something more to your words than what you meant, and will spend a good few hours trying to analyse even if you only meant what you said!

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