Your Relationship 👫 with Weed 🌿 According to Your Zodiac Sign ⛎♋️♐️♑️ ...

It is usually the first drug beyond alcohol or tobacco that people try, and these days it isn’t even illegal in a lot of places. Yes, I’m talking of course, about weed! Recent world surveys have shown that more and more people are experimenting and using marijuana these days, both for recreational and medicinal purposes. Governing bodies have come around to its nature and it is much more accepted now than it used to, so that begs the question, what is your own personal story when it comes to pot? Here is your relationship with weed according to your zodiac sign.

1. Aries

You are definitely the kind of person who will sit in the corner at a party and hog an entire joint whilst telling a really long-winded story!

2. Taurus

You are way too modern to smoke it up in a traditional style. You prefer to catch your buzz from the latest tasty edibles; it matches with your love of food!

3. Gemini

You are that girl who always manages to get too high and have a bad time. You just don’t know your limits and are too stubborn to learn and adjust!

4. Cancer

You are the most likely to indulge in your mischievous side by leaving an edible cookie out on the kitchen counter for your mother to nibble. She’ll wonder why she’s feeling so loose later on!

5. Leo

You are the one who actually buys the weed that everyone else gets to smoke! But you don’t mind, because you’ll do anything to make a party better!

6. Virgo

You’re the detail-oriented person who has some sort of app that tracks the best strains that are up and coming. You are organised and only want to enjoy the best!

7. Libra

You are the one who gets a little bit high and then just can’t shut up. You are a talker when you are totally sober, so just imagine how you are when you don’t have a filter!

8. Scorpio

You are most likely to get high and then go on your phone and get real deep on social media, stalking your exes and seeing what they are up to before probably liking or commenting on pics that you shouldn’t!

9. Sagittarius

You never know you are high until you are too high, so you always need someone to be there with you to make sure that you don’t do anything too embarrassing!

10. Capricorn

You are a savvy businesswoman, so you will probably be the one who makes a little money on the side by selling to your friends!

11. Aquarius

You are loud and proud when it comes to your weed usage, which probably translates into having an Instagram that looks more like an advertisement account!

12. Pisces

You are the kind of person who never has their own weed, which is why you are lucky that your natural charm encourages everyone to share with you!