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8 Horrifying Signs You Are Becoming Your Mother ...

By Alison

Realising that you are becoming your mother can be a horrifying prospect. My sister and I both agree that we dread this happening! Unfortunately, it is inevitable that at some point you become aware that you are turning into your mother. It is an inescapable fate. All you can do is watch for these signs that you are turning into your mother …

1 Call That Music?

If you have kids, at some point you will find yourself uttering variations on this phrase. As sure as your own mum used to say ´Turn down that rubbish!´, you will say ´can´t anyone write a proper song these days?´ or ´you should listen to some real music …

2 Can I Help You, Madam?

You may fight as hard as you can against turning into your mother, but other people may not be entirely cooperative. Shop assistants, especially young ones, have the annoying habit of calling you madam, as if you belong to your mother´s generation. To them, you might as well be …

3 Early Nights

Going to bed early is a sure sign that you are becoming your mother. If your mother is the one who thinks it´s healthy to go to bed at 10pm, whereas you have always happily stayed wide awake past midnight, be very concerned if you say ´I think I´ll have an early night tonight …´

4 Mum Phrases

Oh, those mum phrases like ´You´ll get cold going out dressed like that´ and ´I told you that would happen´. Clearly, these phrases are designed to have a subliminal effect and become lodged in your brain, because 20 years later they will emerge unexpectedly – from your own mouth.

5 Tablecloths

One of the joys of growing up and moving out is that you can abandon the customs you never saw the point of. So, when you get your own place you don´t bother with tablecloths. And then one day you buy one. If you get matching napkins, there is no hope for you.

6 Stocking up Cupboards

Buying in bulk is another sign that you are turning into your mother. Mothers never run out of anything. They always have enough food to withstand a two-year siege, and stockpile enough toilet paper and washing powder to keep the entire neighbourhood going for years.

7 Bag or Suitcase?

When you are young, and still your own person, your bag is big enough for cellphone, cash and keys. Then at some point you start carrying a bag that could (and does) house everything you could possibly need. Oh dear. You are definitely becoming your mother if your bag contains a useful item for every occasion.

8 That Look

Mothers have a particular facial expression. We´ve all seen it – the one that with very little effort conveys total disapproval. If you look in the mirror and see it on your own face, the process of becoming your mother is now complete …

You can try to resist turning into your mother, but sadly the odds are against it. However hard you try, you find yourself adopting her mannerisms and way of speaking. Maybe the only thing you can do is give in and take satisfaction in knowing that your daughter will have the same experience. Has anything made you realise that you are becoming your mother?

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