The World's 8 Most Unusual Buildings for Girls Who Love Architecture ...


The World's 8 Most Unusual Buildings for Girls Who Love Architecture ...
The World's 8 Most Unusual Buildings for Girls Who Love Architecture ...

People have been trying to express their creativity from the dawn of time, whether through cave paintings, music, dance or any other intriguing creation they could think of. Among the numerous methods of expression we have available, architecture is one of the most loved, and there is certainly no shortage of weird, beautiful buildings whose designs even Picasso would be envious of. Let's check out some of them!

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The Crooked House in Poland

The Crooked House in Poland The Crooked House located in Sopot, Poland, is quite possibly one of the most unusual buildings on the planet. It's a weirdly shaped house that will make you feel like you're hallucinating. Inspired by fairy tale drawings, it is one of the most distinguished creations of innovative architects Szotynscy and Zaleski.


La Pedrera

La Pedrera The history behind the famous La Pedrera building in Barcelona is quite intriguing. It was built by the famous Antoni Gaudi for a married couple. Aside from its remarkably colorful design, one of its most fascinating features is that it has no straight lines whatsoever.


La Pedrera, also known as Casa Milà, stands out with its wavy façade, organic limestone structure, and the whimsical chimney pots that have become iconic symbols. Gaudí designed the building to mimic the rolling hills and natural forms, a typical nod to his love for nature. Inside, the building boasts a spectacular courtyard and a rooftop terrace with views that will take your breath away. It’s a testament to Gaudí’s genius, pushing the boundaries of Modernista architecture and cementing his legacy as one of the most innovative architects of his time.


Habitat 67 in Montreal

Habitat 67 in Montreal A skilled architect named Moshe Safdie created this building for the Expo 1967 in Montreal – hence its name. Although it looks like something children would make out of Legos or building blocks, the construction is remarkably stable and offers comfortable living conditions.


Designed as a revolutionary blend of urban high-density living and private spaces, Habitat 67 is a standout architectural feat. Safdie's vision was a 'vertical village,' comprised of 354 identical, prefabricated concrete forms arranged in various combinations, creating 146 residences. Each unit is blessed with a private terrace garden, stripping away the feel of a typical apartment life. Its whimsical structure not only challenges traditional architectural formats but also seamlessly integrates aspects of suburban housing into a compact urban space, making it a true testament to imaginative design and urban functionality.


China's Natural Center for Performing Arts

China's Natural Center for Performing Arts Also known as “The Giant Egg”, China's Natural Center for Performing Arts is one of the strangest and most beautiful buildings in the world. This is a large and highly unique opera house, quite imposing in size at over 12,000 square meters. It was designed by French architect Paul Andreu, and it took more than 6 years to build, featuring a huge titanium dome and glass walls.


Forest Spiral

Forest Spiral If the Crooked House didn't trick your vision, Germany's Forest Spiral is sure to make you feel like you're seeing things. This amazing building, featuring a green roof resembling a spiral, is a true artistic masterpiece envisioned by designer Friedensreich Hundertwasser and executed by architect Heinz Springmann. It is a warm, inviting and exotic looking building that resembles something like an unusual fairytale castle.


The Cubic Houses of Rotterdam

The Cubic Houses of Rotterdam Another set of highly unusual and innovative buildings, Rotterdam's Cubic Houses have attracted a lot of attention since they were first built - and for good reason. Hexagon-shaped pylons support cubic roof-like houses placed at varying angles to give a weird, tree-like impression that will absolutely captivate you! There are a total of 38 cubes, all connected to each other.


The Lotus Temple in Delhi

The Lotus Temple in Delhi Delhi's Baha'i House of Worship in India is one of the most distinguished architectural creations in the world. Its unique lotus shape is beautiful to behold, especially when lit up at night. The Lotus Temple has won numerous architectural awards for this purpose.


Kansas City Library

Kansas City Library Those who have only heard of the Kansas City Library being nicknamed “the community bookshelf” may not truly know how close that designation is to reality. The library is actually in the shape of a huge bookshelf, with beautifully decorated “book covers” reflecting a variety of reading interests through titles such as Lord of the Rings, Romeo and Juliet or Fahrenheit 451.

Whether you're thinking of designs inspired by Dali's paintings or buildings that would remind you of a Tim Burton movie, these architectural marvels are definitely worth checking out. Which one is your favorite?


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Canada Water library in Surrey Quays, SE London, is built like an upside down pyramid

Sarah was about to say the same!! My mom is from vienna and visited my grandparents a couple of years ago and they love very close by!! Very interesting house!!

Everything Hunderwasser is amazing. Living in the Hunderwasser Hous in Vienna, Austria is so desirable that there's a huge waiting list and you have to move out after a month or a few months.

I love it, this motives me to want to travel. It's so uniquely beautiful!


I was just about to say the same!


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#1 & 2 are beautiful!

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