11 Helpful Ways to Deal with Bullying ...


There are a number of effective and helpful ways to deal with bullying, all of which you should know. Bullying is now a widespread and dangerous problem. It's also patently unnecessary, because there is no reason one person should bully anyone else. This is an issue that is near and dear to my heart, especially in regard to the bullying of gay youth. Learning how to deal with bullying takes time because it's so hurtful, not to mention terrifying. You should never be quiet about it, however, and you should never stoop to the bully's level. In order to hopefully help you as much as possible, I've got several helpful tips for dealing with bullying.

1. Talk to Someone

If someone is bullying you or you see someone being bullied, you have to tell someone. Whether you're a teen being bullied by kids at school or an adult being bullied by your boss, go talk to someone in authority. Talk to a manager, a parent, a counselor, a teacher. Speaking out is one of the most essential ways to deal with bullying. You're not a snitch or a tattletale. You're doing a good deed, one that will help you and others.

Make Yourself Heard
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