10 Helpful Tips on How to Keep Your Purse Organized ...


Do you know those women who have a perfectly organized bag, who look like they could easily teach a class on how to keep a purse organized, while your purse is looking less than perfect? I know I’m guilty of having a messy purse, you can find anything from silverware, a small pharmacy, a plethora of non-perishable snacks and random office supplies — so I know what it’s like to have everyone in line stare as you feverishly dig through your purse to find your rewards card! Keep reading for 10 easy tips on how to keep a purse organized!

1. Keep It Clean

This step in how to keep a purse clean sounds so obvious but you can’t just stop at cleaning it out once! Make it a bi-weekly or weekly ritual and keep at it so you’re not left with crumbs, old gum and receipts from last year and that half-empty water bottle from the gym last week! Did you know that for optimal health, your purse shouldn’t weight over three pounds and you should rotate the shoulders/sides you wear your bag daily.

Empty Pockets
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