7 Great Reasons Why You Should Dance Even if You Cant ...

By Lezlie

7 Great Reasons Why You Should Dance Even if You Cant ...

If you are a wallflower, this is a list of reasons why you should dance. One of my favorite quotes is, "You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching, love like you'll never get hurt, sing like there's nobody listening, and live like it's heaven on earth." I know, I know, that's all easier said than done. But my hope is that this list of reasons why you should dance will at least get you on your way to the first line of the quote.

Table of contents:

  1. confidence
  2. fun
  3. exercise
  4. courage
  5. release stress
  6. clear your mind
  7. maybe you actually can

1 Confidence

Confidence Confidence is a definite reason why you should dance. Do you think that if you dance, you will look silly? Great! Get yourself out on the floor, lady, and move to the beat. You may feel silly the first several times but the more that you dance, the greater your confidence will be. If nothing else you will be confident that you can find the beat and move left to right.

2 Fun

Fun It's so much fun to dance! There are so many styles of dancing out there for you to choose from. I found that a dance class can be even more fun than dancing in a club with friends. Take a look at the dance courses offered at your closest community college and sign up for a fun time. Then next time you do go dancing with your friends, you can bust some Hip Hop or Bollywood moves on the dance floor. Trust me, it's fun.

3 Exercise

Exercise Even if you don't break a sweat, the butterflies alone from taking the risk in dancing will get your heart pumping. Exercise is another benefit to dancing. Sometimes I get really bored with the gym so I like to switch up my workouts with a dance class.

4 Courage

Courage This is similar to confidence. I discovered that when I made the decision to dance even when I was super shy. A light bulb went off. It's not that big of a deal! This really helped free me to be more courageous in other areas of my life. I really find this saying annoying, "You only live once." But, there is some truth in it. What are you waiting for, lady? Get out there and live in the moment.

5 Release Stress

Release Stress I had this friend who would come home from work, turn her music on full blast and dance in circles in her living room. In the process of doing this, she would break out into laughter and finally fall on the couch with this look of satisfaction. She said that dancing helped her release the stress from her work day and instead of turning to Happy Hour to medicate, she danced to release the stress altogether.

6 Clear Your Mind

Clear Your Mind I've also noticed that much like running, when I dance, I eventually get into this tranquil zone. In this zone my mind is totally clear and there is peace. The clutter and noise somehow dissipate and I can focus. If you aren't ready to dance in public, practice dancing in your room to a few songs to clear your mind.

7 Maybe You Actually Can

Maybe You Actually Can What if you are a really gifted dancer and have no idea because you have been too afraid to dance? It's possible, lady! I can't say that this happened for me but it has happened with other creative things I've tried. One of my friends struggled with her weight for most of her life and then signed up for dance and totally fell in love. Now she teaches it to other ladies and has found her passion.

Do you love to dance? Have your friends actually seen you dance or have only the four walls of your bedroom witnessed this greatness?

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